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Frederick Blazer
Full Name Frederick Arcturius Blazer
Arcana XX. Judgement REVERSE
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Height 183 cm (6'0")
Date of Birth September 14th, 1965 (Virgo)
Age 46
Persona Prince of Fear
Faction NWO
Voice Actor Harrison Ford, But Evil
Player Eric
  • Weapon: Sawn-off Shotgun, Diving Knife, Trombone
  • Body: Comfortable Longcoat
  • Feet: Comfortable Shoes
  • Accessory: Cocaine
Social Stats
  • Expression: 1 - Gaijin
  • Knowledge: 2 - Informed
    • Military: 3 - Ex-SEAL
    • Criminal Elements: 3 - Casting His Net
  • Courage: 4 - Prudent
  • Understanding: 4 - Intuitive
  • Diligence: 5 - Tireless
  • Offer Brotherly Advice: You will be advised to keep an extra pair of pants around. Just in case.
  • Impersonate Arcturius: You will pee your pants.
  • Criticize: You should have had a second pair of pants! Now you smell like pee!
  • Navy Tricks: Do this. The drill sergeant won't notice the pee stain from when you were being a baby back there.
"None of you know what you're doing. The way your jeans are cut has nothing to do with how effective you are on the battlefield."
Profile and Skills

Profile: Frederick Blazer buys only the best jeans. A former U.S. Navy SEAL medic, he abandoned his squadron mid-operation after seeing his brother Jonathan killed in action. Now a deserter , he's been relying on his instinct for survival and biological smarts to make a living - he moved to Russia from the Middle East, and from there to Japan. Recently, he'd eked out an existence as an affiliate of the Sumiyoshi-Kai, specifically checking the quality of imported drugs for his Yakuza bosses. Secretly, Frederick has taken on the hunt for his Japan-sourced brother, William, after the specific request of his father, Arcturius. Tatsuya Sudou has seen fit to incorporate Frederick into his Dragons as a 'mature, restrained oversight' for the group's otherwise youthful atmosphere. Frederick appreciates the mask.

Skills: Language: Always Shoots First, Languages: English, Russian, Yiddish, Japanese, Really Deep Pockets, Daddy's Boy, Drowning In Self-Doubt, Poker Face, Staunch To A Fault, General Patton Jr., Avenging Angel, Family Scion, Desperation Is Power, His Middle Name Is Arcturius, Smokes A Pipe, Forever.

Combat Information

Frederick Blazer is an American. Of course he fights with nuclear attacks.

Special: The Subtle Edge

Persona Information and Resonance
  • Background: The punishing angel who will descend on anyone who misuses the power of divine names and theurgic rituals. They are mentioned in Hechalot texts. These are basically God's hitmen, sent down to inflict divine punishment on anybody who doesn't afford the Father the respect and obedience required.
  • Appearance: It is a man-sized creature, obviously angelic in its bearing and appearance, posessed of a mane of some rockin', long blonde hair that fails to distract from the obvious weirdnesses beneath it. For one, the Prince of Fear wears - or simply bears - a stark, black-iron faceplate which denies it vision, smell, voice, while offering onlookers no hint of facial features. For another, the Prince of Fear's body is obscured entirely by its wings - two massive, white-feathered affairs which are held in closely enough to keep any details well-hidden. The hints of hands and feet imply that this being is shaped like a human under it all, but God alone knows what form lies beneath those wings.


As an important note: Frederick takes great pains to mask his resonance. He is a talented Obfuscator, so it's not very likely that you'll be catchin' any of these GREAT RESONANCES.

  • SENSE: You are awaiting judgment, and you feel it in the very pit of your stomach. A writhing, icy knot of self-doubt, the sort that spreads through your form to grant an almost physical repulsion. It invites a sort of hateful introspection; one becomes aware of their failures and frivolities, of the selfish excesses they've enjoyed when there was more important work to be done. There can only be one outcome to this judgment; the only question that remains is what sort of punishment awaits.
  • SOUND: Pronounced stillness. The sound of nothing when there should be something.
  • SMELL: Old, weathered, revered paper. The sort of books kept in the back shelves at the library. Books from an older, wiser time.

Social Links
  • 0. The Fool
  • I. The Magician
  • II. The High Priestess
  • III. The Empress
  • IV. The Emperor
  • BROKEN LINK - Arcturius Jackson Blazer: Frederick has recently been contacted by his estranged, hypermilitaristic father, and the conversation was hardly congenial. Frederick may as well be dead to Arcturius, but is there a means for Frederick to repair the relationship...
  • V. The Hierophant
  • VI. The Lovers
  • VII. The Chariot
  • William Blazer: Frederick's youngest and only surviving brother. Frederick has not seen William for the twenty years since Desert Storm, and might as well hardly know the guy, but there's something to be said for your family. Frederick does not expect William to notice or recognize him unless he wishes it so - this is exactly what Frederick wants.
  • VIII. Justice
  • IX. The Hermit
  • Rei Saionji: Frederick met Rei Saionji during a particularly heated game of Bingo - the gaijin Blazer didn't understand Japanese very well and saw what he imagined was an elderly woman accusing Saionji of rape. He responded the only way he knew how: he hit Rei in the face with the butt-end of his shotgun. They have become fast friends since then, because they both hate everything and pretty much everybody. Bingo remains a shared hobby.
  • X. The Wheel of Fortune
  • XI. Strength
  • XII. The Hanged Man
  • XIII. Death
  • XIV. Temperance
  • XV. The Devil
  • XVI. The Tower
  • XVII. The Star
  • XVIII. The Moon
  • XIX. The Sun
    • Tatsuya Sudou: The newly-risen bossman of the Sumiyoshi-Kai seems to think Frederick has qualities that make him appropriate to work for Sudou personally. So be it. Frederick will maintain whatever attitude he must to keep in Sudou's good graces and to enjoy the freedom and mobility such fondness implies.
  • XX. Judgement
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