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Also known as MacGuffins, plot devices, what have you. These are items that are particularly powerful or particularly unique and of unusual origin. Typically, these items are supernatural in nature.

They are also typically items of interest, and may play an important role in a plot or storyline. Often, they are in the hands of various factions, but this is not necessarily a given. This page documents several artifacts and what they are, briefly.

Darkside Artifacts

  • Mysterious Amulet
    • What is it
      • A mysterious amulet with a spiral that always makes its way back to Miwa, no matter what happens to it.
    • Who has it
  • The Hope Journal and Wakefield's Book
    • What is it
      • Strange books that technically shouldn't exist, seeing as their authors sure didn't. The Journal details very unsettling events, and the Book is in some kind of code and shows obvious signs of near-digestion.
    • Who has it

Department 4 Artifacts

  • Special Handling Unit
    • What is it
      • A machine that shatters the mind of the person subjected to it, scattering the fragments in Kadath. The mind can be collected and reassembled, making this a sort of 'psychic surgery'. It can also be used as a form of forcible rehabilitation for criminals with supernatural powers. See the newsfile for more.
    • Who has it
      • Department 4 (Four branches, including Sumaru City and the Tokyo Prototype)
  • The God-Killing Gun
    • What is it
      • A gun said to be able to kill a god. It was used to apparently kill Shin Touitsukyou's God by Jason R. Butler. However, only two bullets were made and it is ineffective in accomplishing its task without proper ammo. How the ammo is made is a closely guarded secret of D4's central division. It is a prototype, and allegedly the only one of its kind to exist at present.
    • Who has it

Kagutsuchi Artifacts

Kuzunoha Detective Agency Artifacts

New World Order Artifacts

  • The Crystal Skull of Air
    • What is it
      • One of a set rumoured into reality by the Masquerade, and the only piece thereof to escape destruction during the summer of 2011. Confers upon a worthy wielder (that is, an Awakened individual whose Sun sign is Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra) various air-related powers, the ability to drain 'Ideal Energy' from others, and the ability to teleport at will. Any and all conferred powers function only when the Skull is actually in the wielder's physical possession, and may open him or her to the corrupting influences that secretly fuel the artifact.
    • Who has it
      • Supposedly Junko Kurosu, though the NWO's Special Problems Department may have taken it into their custody for study and to keep the actress-cum-Masquerade exec from using it as an ashtray.
  • Himiko no Kagami
    • What is it
      • A bronze mirror dating back to the Kofun Period (c. 250-538 CE), dubbed the 'Himiko Mirror' by NWO researchers aware of its ties to the unity-obsessed Shin Touitsukyou cult. Its powers, if any, are unknown at this time -- though not for lack of trying.
    • Who has it
      • Though it was last seen in the possession of Shiko Mori, the Himiko no Kagami is currently held by the SPD at their headquarters in the Lunarvale SEBEC office complex.
  • Kiyotada Sumaru's Diary
    • What is it
      • What it says on the tin. Contains entirely mundane musings on the weather, the military, and the increasingly degenerate state of glorious Nippon, with angry rants about Suous interspersed throughout.
    • Who has it
      • Probably Tatsuzou Sudou, who may or may not keep it on his nightstand.

SEES Artifacts

  • Snow Queen Mask
    • What is it
      • A mysterious mask. A part of the Snow Queen's power, it has the ability to make the one who wears it an avatar of her's. It was retrieved from Tomomi Fujimori.
    • Who has it
      • It's kept in a safe place in the Kirijo Labs.

Unaffiliated Artifacts

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