The Wheel of Fortune

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"Alongside time exists fate, the bearer of cruelty..."


The Wheel of Fortune are those people who find themselves particularly caught up in the vagaries of fate and opportunity. While the world and the chances it offers revolve around them, what matters most to Fortune are the choices they make from what is laid out before them. The wheel tilts both ways; while Fortune may find themselves particularly blessed in what options come spinning their way, this isn't necessarily always so. The good news (or perhaps bad) is that it rarely turns in the same direction for long. Fortune is marked by changes. Regardless of good fortune or ill, Fortune may feel that they are at the mercy of fate itself and may feel trapped by what they see as inevitable future, but the element of choice in their lives shouldn't be forgotten. Ultimately, it is up to Fortune themselves what they make of their lives and their futures.

The reverse of Fortune isn't so simple as bad luck or a lack of good opportunies. While the fickle hand of fate plays a role in the lives of Fortune, their reaction and choices of what is presented to them is just as important. Those exemplified by the reverse of Fortune may be those who have chosen poorly, despite knowing exactly what was before them, and have chosen to blame their fate rather than to point the finger where it rightfully belongs. Or perhaps, they are those who have rejected by their choices the very element of change and flexibility in their lives entirely; they have stagnated.

Sample Personae

  • Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck
  • Clotho, one of the Greek Fates and the weaver of the thread of life
  • Budai, a Chinese folkore figure known his happiness and plentitude

Example Persona-Users/Shadow-Possessed

Upright Traits

Turning point, Opportunities, Possibilities, Destiny, Fate, Superior Forces, Movement, Development, Activity, Surprises, Expansion, Sudden Events, Speed, New Developments, Life Cycles. The traveler who lives from day to day, taking advantage of opportunity and dealing with hardship as they arise while she enjoys each new location.

Reversed Traits

OPPOSITE: Bad luck, Misfortune, Getting shafted, Moving down in the world. The promotion you wanted is going to someone else and you might get laid off.
BLOCKED: Inability to change, Inability to move, Frozen in place, Stuck. A hiring freeze is in place; nobody can get promoted even if they want to.
UPSIDE-DOWN: Good luck going sour, Unreliability, Nothing is as it seems, Curses in disguise. You get your promotion, but the new position is like hell.

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