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Kazue Nagashima
Gekkoukan High-School Student
Fullname Kazue Felicie Nagashima(-Brandt)
Arcana I: The Magician (UPSIDE-DOWN)
Nature Mundane
Gender Female
Place of Birth Port Island
Date of Birth Dec. 23, 1994
Age 17
Faction Unaffiliated
Eyes Hazel
Hair Red-gold
Height 5'3"



Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy.



Anyone who knows Kazue from school probably knows her as a tiny, curly-haired second-year student at Gekkoukan High; she's a familiar face on campus, though she's never been one of the more sociable students. Most would call her alternately shy and very awkward, but fundamentally friendly. She likes people, but she's just such a /geek/: she aces every science and math class she's in, and she's always being asked to help struggling students. Rumor says she built her own computer, and she builds simple little robots and things at home for fun...which makes sense, since her dad is an engineer, and both of her parents work for Kirijo Group.

She's also a dancer. She loves ballet most of all, but somehow she never seems to land any of the good roles. She must not be very good at it.

  • Her parents work for Kirijo Group -- her father's been there since '87, and her mother started to work there in '90. They're probably friends with other Kirijo Group families.
  • Kazue's a second-year high school student at Gekkoukan, but she's been there since the school was opened, and is probably a familiar face.
  • If it's electronic and broken, chances are pretty good that Kazue can fix it for you, given enough time.
  • She has a thing for insects.
  • A pound or two can make or break a girl in a tutu. She's absolutely not a snacker, and fussy to an extreme about what she eats and when.
  • Her parents have a basset hound named Götz. He is her favorite thing in the whole world.
  • Kazue can draw astonishingly accurate, even beautiful schematics for machines. When it comes to drawing virtually anything else, she has no talent whatsoever.
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