Hideo Matsuda

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Hideo Matsuda

NPC's Full Name Hideo Matsuda
NPC Owner Daisuke Itami
NPC Faction Unaffiliated
NPC Type Civilian
NPC Description Former Yamaguchi-gumi who has spent more than the last decade in Sumaru's Akashi Prison after claiming a falling out with the family. Recently released, Matsuda has spent most of his time at a bar in Tatsumi-shi since returning to the outside world, but despite this, rumors have begun to circulate that he is behind the distribution of the mysterious new drug proliferating Sumaru known as Cint. Hideo is a career criminal, who is as uncouth and misanthropic as he is violent, and who seems to have plans of his own that go beyond simply peddling drugs.
NPC Notes Hideo Matsuda is an NPC for the ongoing Magnum Opus TP. If you'd like to scene with him for whatever reason, just page or @mail Daisuke Itami!

NPC Activity

Date Name Details
2-25-2014 Gene Parmesan Hideo Matsuda arranges for the sabotaging of the Cintamani production site in Hirasaka.
3-02-2014 Gene Parmesan Hideo Matsuda cleans up loose ends in the aftermath of the Hirasaka Incident.
3-04-2014 Gene Parmesan Hideo Matsuda attends the Yoshida Charity Ball in support of those suffering from the pollution sickness. He subsequently causes a stink.
3-11-2014 Gene Parmesan Hideo arranges for Kyo Taimiev to deliver a message of war to Sumiyoshi-kai in exchange for the truth about Cintamani.
3-31-2014 Gene Parmesan Katsuya Suou and Jason R. Butler infiltrate Hideo's bar in order to learn more about his operation, only to meet the man himself. Under pretense, they make an arrangement.
4-25-2014 Gene Parmesan With the date for their meeting set, a raid led by Katsuya Suou and Department 4 is launched on Hideo's bar, in an effort to put a stop to Cint at its supposed source.
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