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Naomi Suzuno (Spencer)
The Spencer Heiress
Fullname 鈴野直美(スペンサー)
Arcana Temperance
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 30, 1992 (Sagittarius)
Age 18
Faction Darkside
Team Shinsengumi
Eyes Purple
Hair Black
Height 5'4"
Voice Actress Ayumi Hamasaki (Japanese)
Kate Beckinsale (English)
Player Kyootulu
Social Stats
  • Understanding: 3 - I See You
  • Courage: 4 - Adrenaline Junkie
  • Knowledge: 4 - NEEEERRRRDDDDD
  • Diligence: 4 - WorkaPlayaholic.
    • Willpower: 5 - Yes
  • Expression: 2 - Mildly Botoxed
    • Eloquence: 4 - Wall Breaker
  • Clothes - Quite positively her most versatile pieces of inventory, Naomi doesn't appear to wear the same thing twice, save perhaps her school uniform. She also wears her hair differently each time, but it's always up.
  • Shoes - The same as her clothes, though she prefers boots for the colder months and ballerina flats for the summers. She occasionally wears sneakers.
  • Satchel - A well-kept, leather messenger's bag that's probably worth more than an average teenager's allowance for three months. Contains every day essentials such as her cellphone, a swiss-army knife and a can of mace.
  • Purple Tatted Bracelet - A gift from Miwa Saitou, which has become a staple accessory on her person, no matter what she is wearing at the time; indicative of the importance Miwa holds in Naomi's life.
  • Himeru's Ribbon - A simple length of green ribbon, loosely fashioned in knotwork and looped over Naomi's wrist.
  • Tatsuya's Key - A simple brass key to Tatsuya's apartment.
  • Blue Crystal Earrings - A gift from Tatsuya. They look similar to Sheryl Nome's from Macross Frontier.
  • Rampant Lion Silver Charm - Another gift from Tatsuya, which she wears along with the rest of her other charms.
  • Miwa's Key - A simple brass key to Miwa and Tohya's dorm room in the Sumaru University campus.

Solo Contacts

  • Five Minute Makeover - Naomi truthfully tells the demon what its most compelling physical attribute is and how to emphasize it so it stands out.
  • Artful Manipulation - Naomi utilizes her eerie and calculating insight to be able to convince a demon to do what she asks.
  • Teasing - Naomi teases through the means of her signature, verbal repartee to make the demon pleasantly flustered.
  • Trivia - Naomi tells the demon something it didn't know before but somehow relates to its interests.


  • Good Cop, Bad Cop - (Naomi + Tohya) Tohya and Naomi team up to deliver the KNOWS version of this classic routine. May lead to an interested or fearful reaction.
  • Fashion Hour! - (Miwa + Naomi) Miwa and Naomi team up to give a demon fashion advice! This may lead to a joyful or angry reaction.
  • Nice Girls Do It Better - (Naomi + Miwa) Naomi and Miwa team up again, this time to seriously sweet-talk the demons. May lead to a joyful or fearful reaction.
"I've heard it spoken time and again that courtesy is a lady's armor, but I believe it hardly constitutes a full arsenal if a woman has any hope in surviving modern day society."
Profile And Skills

Born to a wealthy British-born expatriate and his investor's personal assistant (oooh, scandal!), Naomi Suzuno's life is typical of those who come from a privileged background; legal battles, business propositions, and more than enough family drama as other relatives jockey for control over the myriad of trusts and assets accumulated by the Spencer family over the decades. After a devastating plane crash that left her illustrious father incapacitated, the heiress is thrust in the uncomfortable position of taking care of the family business and all that entails...or at the very least attempt to ensure that it stays where it is until she becomes of age. A former student of St. Hermelin, she transferred to Seven Sisters High School at the wake of her household's move to Sumaru City, where her star in multiple social arenas started to soar and cultivating a reputation for troublesomeness (albeit an unorthodox sort) rarely matched by any of her high-class peers. But that on its own does not come without their share of troubles, for some of her clever schemes and successful machinations have earned her the ire of several, powerful people who do not take being made for fools lightly....

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Skills: She Looks Like A Flower But She Can Sting Like A Bee (Like Every Girl In History), Guarding the Family Coffers, Taking Care of Business, Airplane!, Girl With the Golden Credit Card, La Fashionista, Sugar Momma, She Loves It When A Plan Comes Together, Light Side, Dark Side, Surprise Ruthlessness, Walking Lie Detector, The Web of Truth


The Present

Since then she has had a variety of misadventures with her fellow Sevens students as well as individuals from other schools. Later on, for reasons known only to very few, she joined SEBEC's KNOWS program and was placed directly under her best friend Tohya Kidzuki's command in the Daybreak Squad. A few months later, both she and Tohya left KNOWS, with the state of their current relationships to former boss Takahisa Kandori unknown, but presumed hostile.

The Spencer heiress has since moved on to become the second-in-command of the fledgling group Shinsengumi, established by close friend Tatsuya Suou; a group of Persona users with a burgeoning network of contacts within and without Sumaru City. In her third year, she was elected Student Council President of Seven Sisters High School.

In June 2010, Naomi and a good friend, Shinjiro Aragaki, were kidnapped by a cadre of Russian mercenaries who have been experimenting on Persona-users since the days of the Cold War. Using Dream Technology that they developed, they used their methods in an effort to mine the secrets of Persona-users' "side-abilities." A joint operation between members of SEES and Shinsengumi managed to destroy the remains of the technology and retrieve them. The ordeal continues to have lasting effects on the Spencer heiress, albeit not in terms of psychological trauma. In fact, it has only made her dangerously determined to protect her community from like-minded persons who would stop at nothing to expose and destroy it. In concert with Mitsuru Kirijo, a childhood friend and similarly positioned within the circles of the international business elite, the two ojous have taken steps since then to implement a years-spanning prevention and preemption plan, codenamed the Dante Initiative (comprised of three stages named after Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy: Paradiso, Purgatorio, and Inferno, the last of which contemplates the worst case scenario).


Naomi is sweet tempered and charitable. Her generosity, thoughtfulness, and her unique brand of quiet vivacity has won her, at the very least, amicable relations with those she deals with at a regular basis. She is a warm person, driven by the sincere desire to be the best person she could be, though whether she succeeds in this or not has yet to be determined. While mostly quiet, it is not coldly so -- in fact, she can carry on conversations easily, and she has an honest fascination with the lives of others. A voracious reader, she is comfortable in being alone with a book as much as she is in the company of others. In public, her manners are impeccable and practically Victorian; her hair is always up and rarely is she discourteous. Her family's money afforded her the best education available and she isn't one to squander it or flinch away from its application to her every day life, having grown to prove herself both intelligent and articulate. An observant creature, coupled with her passionate heart, she steps on the fine line between romanticism and pragmatism. Nothing delights her more than to be able to take care of those whom she considers very dear to her, and she is typically easy to please. It takes a lot for her to lose her temper, however while she could be very patient, this has a limit. While she may appear like a delicate milksop, she is surprisingly forthright when expressing her opinion and she has very little patience for the coyness expected from her gender.

While she exudes a soothing presence, she isn't afraid of confrontation, especially if she knows she's right. However, she isn't hard-handed when doing so and more often than not will seek a diplomatic solution to the problem. She is, for lack of a proper term, a cautious optimist, and while she makes an effort to see the best in other people, she also knows that sometimes, there just isn't any. It is rare to see her give up on anything she sets her mind to and her more obvious gentility typically masks the bullish tenacity she applies in risks she deems worth taking.

Her life since the plane crash has become one giant juggling act, and finding a balance between being a child and being a woman saddled with heavy responsibilities is a constant struggle. When it gets overwhelming, she becomes quieter than usual -- not because she necessarily likes brooding, but rather she needs to stop and think before moving again to recover that sense of harmony that she feels is essential to her overall well-being. It would not do her any good, after all, to implode due to all of the pressure she places on herself, though there are, of course, some very bad days in which she feels she can't do anything right. There are times in which she becomes resentful - it's not so much that she has a strong sense of justice, but rather that she has a strong sense of fairness. The concept of equity is important to her and being able to take the good and the bad in equal parts. After all, nothing worth having (and, after that, keeping) is easy to get and if there was anything the business world has taught her, anything worthy always comes with a price.

Social Links

"Do not be afraid, child...I am thou, thou art I. I am the Truth, she who sees into the hearts of men....who opens Heaven to the Worthy and brings its destruction to the Damned. I am...Ma'at."

The Egyptian Goddess Ma'at represents Truth, Balance, Harmony, and Order in the culture's pantheon of gods. She's usually represented by a young woman with a scepter while carrying an Ankh on her other hand. Her role is significant in Duat, the Egyptian underworld, where she weighs dead souls' hearts with an ostrich feather on a pair of scales to determine their worthiness to enter Aaru, the Egyptian heaven. Those that were deemed unworthy had their hearts eaten by Ammut, a part-crocodile demon.

It was said that when Ra started to create the world, he created Ma'at first and installed her in place of her counterpart, Isfet (Chaos), so he would have a stable canvas to work with.


Sense: For those who can detect Persona-users, there seems to be an extremely peaceful, serene presence around Naomi. It could be the young woman herself, for she is almost always calm, or it could be something else. The case is most probably quite the latter, for with this aura of placidity comes with a sense of pure order and rightness; that, somehow, everything is right with the world and things are exactly the way they should be.

Smell: For those who are able to detect Persona-users by scent, this particular ambiance smells like mint.

Sound: Audibly, Naomi's resonance sounds like a gentle breeze playing over windchimes, from far away.

Talent: Naomi, by nature, is an excellent judge of character - her Persona is, after all, the main judge of the Underworld in Egyptian Mythology in where she specifically weighs a person's heart to judge his or her worthiness to enter Heaven. It's probably not very surprising to those who know her or who have gotten to know her that an innate ability to sense intentions has developed gradually over time. It functions as some kind of social "danger alert" in a way, but it won't specifically tell her what it is she's feeling.

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