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Miwa Saitou
Good Witch
Miwa by pu-sama wiki.png
Full Name 斉藤光輪子(さいとうみわこ)
Arcana XIV - Temperance
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Height 5'4"
Date of Birth September 16th, 1991 (Virgo)
Age 21
Guardian Dragon Black Dragon
Persona Ratri Custom
Weapon Light Bludgeons
Faction Darkside
Team Shinsengumi
Screen Name tenshikourin2304
Voice Actor Maaya Sakamoto
Player Strange Shrimp
"Even if we feel weak, together we can be strong."
Profile And Skills

Profile: A business student at Sumaru University known for her diligence and pleasant nature, Miwa is secretly a member of the Shinsengumi, a group that seeks to protect Sumaru from supernatural threats. Though wary and disinclined towards pain and violence, Miwa possesses an unshakeable will in spite of (or because of) the terrible things that have befallen her. She is determined to stick by her friends no matter what happens, and help them.

Skills: Es Muß Sein!, My God It's Full of Stars, I Get By (With a Little Help From My Friends), Magic! Wheel of Light~, Let There Be Peace Between Us and You


Daughter of Miyoko and Kouhei Saitou, Miwa was raised and grew up in Nagaoka. However, in the October of 2004, the city was rocked by the mid-Niigata Prefecture earthquake, and her mother was killed when their house partially collapsed. In the months following the disaster, her father took a job in Sumaru, supporting his daughter from afar while she lived with her grandparents. In early 2007, once he was finally financially secure once again, Miwa went to live with her father in Sumaru, starting her first year of high school in a new city. After graduating from Seven Sisters High, she's gone on to study business at Sumaru University.

Social Stats
Friendly But Demure
The King in Yellow?!
  • Weapon
    Trench Knife: A sturdy knife made for combat. It comes with a heavy-duty sheath.
  • Body
    Cotton Shirt: A simple pink cotton top with a very faint floral pattern.
  • Feet
    Black Flats: Plain black women's shoes, made to be both fashionable and easy to walk around in.
  • Accessory
    Chrysoberyl Choker: A simple black choker, accented with a chrysoberyl catseye pin.
    Cannot be unequipped. Usually.
  • Fortune-telling: "Say, would you like me to tell your fortune? I can find out if we're compatible."
    Like it says on the tin. Miwa tells the demon's fortune.
  • Plead: "Aaah, no, no, please don't hurt me!"
    Miwa pretends to be scared of the demon and begs for mercy.
  • Occult: "I'm wondering, are you familiar with the concept of sympathetic magic at all...?"
    Miwa attempts to impress the demon with her occult knowledge.
  • Praise: "Oh, Apep, you're such a wise demon! I can learn so much from you!"
    Miwa sings the praises of the demon, hoping to get it in a better mood.
NPCS Of Note
  • Kouhei Saitou (Death Reversed): Miwa's father. A salaryman and an often-absent parent who works very late, Miwa and he have a strained relationship, though it has been slowly improving. He knows she has a Persona, though not much more than that. Has a very subdued personality.
  • Miyoko Saitou (The Star): Miwa's deceased mother. Highly idealized by Miwa and her father.
  • Miki "Micchan" Hisakawa (Strength): A close friend of Miwa's. Kind of ditzy and over-talkative, but a steadfast friend in spite of all the upsets their relationship has had.
  • Miwa's legal name is, in fact, Miwako. Like many young women, she's dropped the -ko suffix because she feels it's childish. Her first name can be translated roughly as 'corona child' and her surname, 'equal wisteria'. Her first name is in fact written unusually in kanji. It seems her mother is to blame for this.
  • Her father's first name is written 黄平. It can be read as 'yellow peace'. Similarly, her mother's first name was written 美夜子. It can be read as 'beautiful night child'. With this in mind, one can see her mother as having been a bit fond of little puns.
  • Her username means 'advent of angel', but the kanji of 'kourin' is the same as her first name. The numbers are also significant: they're the day and year of the earthquake, and also her mother's death. In a way, it can be read as 'the day my mother became an angel'.
  • Miwa plays the cello; despite her hobby, she has no interest in studying music exclusively, although she is shaping up to be a music minor at Sumaru University.
  • Miwa's other hobby is plant terrariums. The apartment she lives in has very little room for large plants, and certainly no garden like her grandparents had, so she's tried to bring a little greenery to her home by carefully tending tiny plants in bottles and jars.
  • Her dream is to own her own small business.
  • She is an adequate cook; no gourmet chef but can follow a recipe and can improvise without killing a man.
  • Her favorite foods include: mizuyoukan (red bean paste block jelly), brown rice curry and kiritanpo-nabe (grilled rice-skewer soup). Her least favorite foods include anything deep-fried and greasy.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • Miwa has a strong fondness for having many pillows in her bed when she sleeps.
Combat Information

Miwa is not meant for melee combat, that much is clear. Unable to endure many blows or inflict much damage by her hands alone, her true strength lies in the magical arts, though she has been applying herself in the realm of physical combat of late, under tutelage from her friends. She is also rather lucky, perhaps the result of some good karma or maybe her 'lucky charm', the choker she always wears.

Special: Charismatic Kismet - Drawing upon the power of her Persona and her mystical knowledge both, Miwa works an incantation over herself and a few of her allies, bolstering ability to land a critical hit, as well as soothing some of their injuries.

Persona Information and Resonance

"I am Ratri, whose eyes are the stars...
With the passage of night into day, all are reborn...
For you, I lend my utmost strength..."

Ratri was the Vedic goddess of the night, sister to Ushas, the goddess of the dawn. She was invoked to protect those who must brave the dangers that lurked in the darkness, and to light their path with her many starry eyes. Her domain did not end with night-time travelers, though; she also kept watch over those who slept, ensuring their reinvigorating rest. She was the bringer of the morning dew, as well. However, despite her general benign depiction, Ratri possessed a grimmer aspect: she was not only the protector against the hazards of night, she was also those very same hazards.


To other users, Miwa's resonance centers around the concept of a lamp in a dark room. Depending on the sensory details favored by the one detecting, how this translates may vary. She may sound like the low hum of a lamp with the occasional soft cry of a night bird, smell like a lamp that's been on too long, ozone mixed with the smell of night air after a long rain; or simply burn like a lantern in the darkness.

Miwa's talents, always on the edge of transforming into something more gifted with resonance, have finally shifted. A spotter-class Persona-user now, she excels at sensing the presence of danger (as demons or Shadows) and has talent with detecting the resonance of others, though there are those whose presence can escape her senses.

Something is also relaxing about her presence to other spotter-class Persona-users. They may feel as if they can find what they are looking for more easily. She's as a result incredibly easily felt by other Persona users with even the slightest talent for detecting resonance, as she seems to 'bleed' resonance.

Notable Social Links
  • V - The Hierophant
    • Kei Nanjou: "Self-Control" - The young heir to the powerful Nanjou fortune. Through him, they were able to weather the storms of police suspicion and Nazi assaults. While he strikes her as a little cold, she thinks he must be compassionate or he wouldn't have helped them at all, no matter what he says about duty.
    • Shinjiro Aragaki: "Discipline" - A member of SEES. He helped Miwa learn how to better control her Persona early on. He was once a source of advice for the young woman, and imparted upon her the truth that lay behind all bravery. He also told her his darkest secret, something that while it shocked her, underscored what their power was capable of.
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Lisa Silverman: "Understanding" - A former underclassman of Miwa's, and a member of the Shinsengumi. Miwa feels an obligation to look out for her.
  • XII - The Hanged Man
    • Tohya Kidzuki: "Surprises" - A very close friend. Miwa has given her nickname Tohyan. Though Tohya was a delinquent, she and Miwa ended up being friends courtesy of the Mikage-cho incident, which was only solidified by later events. They shared a dorm together for a time, but though they remain good friends, their respective paths are taking them in different directions. She cares very deeply about Tohya, and is grateful for her as a friend.
  • XIII - Death
    • Eikichi Mishina: "Duality" - A former Kasugayama student and member of the Shinsengumi. A rather flamboyant and strange person, but also quite possibly the most honest and friendly young man Miwa has ever met. More worrisome for a wide variety of reasons, though, are the feelings she's begun to develop regarding him. At least no one knows about them, though. Right?
  • XIV - Temperance
    • Naomi Suzuno: "Harmony" - A very close friend. Miwa has given her the nickname Naocchi. The daughter of a wealthy CEO, while Miwa and she share certain traits in common, they're also about as different as night and day. Their friendship, as with Miwa and Tohya, was forged in Mikage-cho and cemented by later events. Though Naomi is younger, Miwa often finds herself turning to her for guidance. Naomi is one of her dearest friends, and Miwa would do just about anything for her. More recently, she's become aware of a certain relationship between Naomi and a particular young man...
  • XVI - The Tower
    • Mikiya Ryouhara: "Instinct" - A completely frightening young man. He reminds Miwa of Kyo, though she's beginning to realize they aren't the same at all. He has some interest in helping Nanami, and Miwa has a good idea of why, though she doesn't dare voice it. He dispenses violence almost casually, and has no qualms about inflicting pain. Only his pact keeps him from hurting Miwa again, or at least until she breaks it.
  • XIX - The Sun
    • Kyo Taimiev: "Crushed" - Miwa's former boyfriend and Akatsuki's twin brother. Once devoted to him, his attempts at getting back together with her led to him becoming Shadow-Possessed. In time, he seemed to 'accept' that she had turned from him, which led to a disastrous confrontation where he decided to 'end things' once and for all: by consuming her alive. Only timely intervention kept her from experiencing sudden death. She's learned that he has found someone else, and fears for who it might be.
    • Tatsuya Suou: "Brotherly Trust" - A good friend, though she only realized it far down the line. She feels he's a natural-born leader, and believes in his goal to protect the city. Though she has some difficulty understanding him at times due to his stoic nature, he's been there to support her in the past when she needed it; he's both expressed his concern and given her some surprising advice. He's like the brother she's never had, something she admitted to him herself. Currently, she's trying to learn from him how to fight.
  • XX - Judgement
    • Yisa Taimiev: "Suspension" - An old friend of Naomi's. Miwa was initially somewhat wary about her, especially since their first meeting ended up with Yisa slapping her in the face repeatedly, but since then she has learned that Yisa has become entangled with Kyo. To what end and for what purpose, she's not certain, but she is very worried about this turn of events.

Logs and Cutscenes
All of her logs can be found at
the player's log page.

  • Adele - Set Fire to the Rain
    • "All the things you'd say, they were never true, never true, and the games you'd play, you would always win, always win..."
  • E Nomine - Mondengel (Moon Angel)
    • "Angel of the night, who is made from dreams: wake up, the fire is kindling."
  • Etro Anime - Summer Rain
    • "But I think too much and I'm left to blame, feeling strangely the same."
  • Florence and the Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
    • "Here I am, a rabbit hearted girl, frozen in the headlights..."
  • Kalafina - Magia
    • "I want a spell that can let me fight against the sorrow that is always in front of my eyes."
  • Maaya Sakamoto - The Atmosphere and the Stars
    • "Life is too short and, you are truly gone and, I want you to embrace me again."
  • Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - I Want Love (Studio Mix)
    • "I want a river full of love, but then I know the holes will still remain, I need an ocean full of love, although I know the holes will still remain."
  • Miwako Saitou - Forest of Memories
    • "What if my hand were to let it go? What would I be able to change? Will chaos lie ahead together with confusion if I lose this stone?"
  • Motoi Sakuraba - Straying Truth
    • Instrumental
  • Poe - 5&1/2 Minute Hallway
    • "But there's only so far I can go, when you're living in a hallway that keeps growing."
  • Poe - Terrified Heart
    • "I'm just going to sing a little song and maybe... maybe you'll pick up."
  • Sarah Brightman - Eden
    • "Did you ever think of me, as your best friend? Did I ever think of you, I'm not complaining."
  • Shinkichi Mitsumune - Illusion ~ Malice's Pupa
    • Instrumental
  • Splashdown - A Charming Spell/Remix
    • "More sinned against than sinning, please, you're not above my suspicions, you're lamb and serpent just like me..."
  • Thomas Bergersen - Illusions
    • Instrumental
  • Tsukiko Amano - Doll
    • "What I threw away because it was holding me back, I never had from the beginning."
  • Universal Hall Pass - Quiet Use of Charm
    • "Of all the roads that stretch in their wake before me, I long to rise above all the seas that toss me to say hello! Hello and welcome!"
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