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Lisa Silverman
Full Name リサ・シルバーマン
Arcana VI - The Lovers
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 4th, 1992
Age 17
Guardian Dragon Gold Dragon
Faction Darkside
Team Shinsengumi
Persona Eros
Weapon Fists
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Height 5'4"
Voice Actor Hiroko Konishi
"Aiya! This is just like that scene in Trial of the Dragon!"
Profile and Skills

Biologically European, Lisa Silverman is anything but. Born and raised entirely in Japan, she's the victim of her parents' crazy obsession with Japanese culture, to the point of her--as result--not knowing one bit of English. This, of course, baffles everyone around her who simply assumes it's her second language. Her blonde hair and blue eyes make her stick out among her peers, and it's a sore spot for the truly-native Lisa. A former Sevens student, Lisa currently attends Sumaru University where she still strives to maintain her reputation and popularity. Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of Lisa--beyond her obsession with Tatsuya Suou--is her love of Chinese martial arts movies, particularly the Trial of the Dragon series. A rabid fan for years, she's picked up Cantonese through her bootlegged videos to appreciate them in their native form. She also picked up Kung-Fu because why not?

Sail On Silver Girl, Fists of Death, Phoenix Corps Featherman Identity: Pink Swan, Weeaboo Prime, Cantoneeaboo?, Definitely Not American, But Can't Convince People Otherwise, Southern Fist, Brucie Lee, Her Dad Could Totally Kick Your Dad's Ass, Seriously, Look At Him, The Anti-Yamato Nadeshiko, Seriously, She Can't Speak Any English Stop Asking

Weapon: Leather Gloves
Body: Designer Clothes
Feet: Expensive Flats
Accessory: None
Trial of the Dragon:
Rock Solid
Persona and Resonance
"I am Eros... I am one who lights the fire of love with the golden arrows I hold... I am a personification of you. I will become your strength.

The god of love and desire, Eros is the Grecian counterpart of the Roman god Cupid and in some tales the son of Aphrodite and Ares. He is considered an attendant to Aphrodite, the cause of love between mortal beings in her stead, and is generally depicted as a winged youth or cherubim with bows and arrows that inspire love. Humorously, it is said that Eros is a terrible archer and generally depicted as being blindfolded, which results in mismatched lovers and hilarity.

SENSE: The feeling of finding one's true love, that light-hearted and uplifting emotion that makes one feel empowered, that they can do anything in the world and nothing will get in their way. It's like the first day of spring, when the first of winter's snows have melted away and the sun seems to shine a little bolder and brighter. It is courageous and strong, warming and exciting.
SMELL: Freshly turned earth, the scent of blooming roses.
SOUND: The song of an erhu playing, coupled with the sound of arrows in flight.

Dance Kung-Fu
Talk of True Love Bewitch
  • Lisa hates tourists--mostly because they assume she speaks English.
  • The name given to Lisa by Captain Underpants means "Silver Girl" (銀子) It is a play off of her last name and "child."
  • Her dad is Steven Seagal Silverman. He is also super duper rich and a weeaboo.
  • Lisa has two cats, one named "Hime" (Lady) and the other "Tono" (Lord).
  • Lisa's favorite sport is snowboarding.
  • Her worst subject is English. Her parents are to blame.
  • She was once Seven Sisters' Treasurer.
  • ...Lisa isn't sure how this happened.
  • Lisa was a member of Seven Sisters' swim team.
  • She hasn't decided her major at Sumaru University yet.
  • She is, however, enrolled with the Karate club.
Social Links
  • VI - The Lovers
    • Ginji Sasaki: Prince Taurus. Start a rumor in Sumaru City that she was a part of a three girl JPop group called MUSES to help fulfill prophecy--then turned her two friends Miipo and Asacchi into mindless Shadowmen when he stole their Ideal energy. Suffice to say she does not like him very much for that. Her Shadow, though...
  • X - Wheel of Fortune
    • Jun Kurosu: The Joker. Having remembered her past after the events in the Sky Museum, she is sad to learn that Jun has orchestrated the events that led to the troubles and grief she and her friends have endured. Fortunately, Lisa and her friends were able to bring Jun to realize who he truly was and got their old childhood friend back in Caracol.
  • XIII - Death
    • Eikichi Mishina: Biggest freak to ever exist! He is also the jerk that gave her the terrible and completely ironic nickname of "Ginko." What a jerk. Despite their nigh-constant bickering, she does care dearly for her friend--especially so after learning he too was one of her friends in youth that was a part of their little Masquerade.
  • XIV - Temperance
    • Miwa Saitou: Senpai. Once past their "rocky" (totally Lisa's fault) first encounter, Lisa has grown to accept Miwa as a good friend and a person very self-sacrificing. She's always there, always willing to help her friends out. This, of course, concerns Lisa; no one can be utterly selfless without risking their well-being, after all. She looks out for Miwan.
  • XVIII - The Moon
    • Maya Amano: Big Sis. After the events at Mt. Iwato, she and her friends have remembered Maya to be their beloved Big Sis, who taught them the Persona-sama game. Lisa feels incredibly horrible for having suggested locking her up in the shrine as a kid which resulted in a lot of damn confusion and psychological trauma. Yeah. But she loves Big Sis anyway.
  • XIX - The Sun
    • Tatsuya Suou: The coolest guy ever to Lisa Silverman, the object of her pursuits. Sadly, it is a one-sided romance, and what's worse is Lisa tends to be pretty jealous of the stoic young man and adamantly tries to muscle and vye for his affections against other girls. Her memories back, she remembers him as Red Hawk, Tacchan, her first love as a child. He still remains her One True, and hopes to have her affections returned...someday.
Logs and Cutscenes
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