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I also do tarot readings using a Celtic Cross spread and the Scapini deck. I have been told these readings can often get a little too close to the bone for comfort, and the Scapini does not pull its punches. You have been warned.




  • Baofu - The shadowy figure behind Darkside and blood-enemy of the NWO.
    • App for reference.
  • Kazuo Kagayama - What's left of a man that witnessed the Port Island Event firsthand.
    • App for reference.
  • Toui Shirazuna - A doctor working within the NWO to see just what it means to feel Fear.
    • App for reference.


None yet!


  • Demon-binder that goes around finding rogue demons and "convincing" them to quit their shenanigans thank you very much. Sometimes this involves working out a deal or explaining a misunderstood situation. Other times it involves a beatdown. Devil? Emperor? Death? Either D4 or NWO as "troubleshooter." Persona?
  • Detective or private investigator (or something similar) specializing in missing persons (especially children) with the persona of Father Frost, Star arcana. He finds the righteous that are "lost in the blizzard" and consigns the wicked to the unyielding ice. Spotter? EXEC_HARMONIUS/. for theme music. App
  • Empress arcana school counselor, female. Unsure of which school/city to base her in yet. Need a name. Largely an excuse to flex my character-reading abilities. App
  • Hitomi - A conflicted tomboy that hits like an angry bus full of chainsaw-wielding bears. Chariot, I think. Need a surname. Physically and stylistically inspired by Hitomi from the Dead or Alive games. App
  • Tatsuzou Sudou
  • Zaid Suhail Ahmed Tariq Singh - A bad bad bad bad bad Devil in the NWO. Inspired by Scar from the Lion King. App
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