Ulala Serizawa

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Ulala Serizawa
Full Name 芹沢うらら (せりざわうらら)
Aliases Ulala
Arcana XVII - The Star
Persona Callisto
Nature Persona-user
Gender Female
Age 26
Birth Date November 30, 1984
Blood Type A
Preferred Weapon Fists
Faction Darkside
Job Lingerie Saleswoman
Origin Persona 2
Voice Actor English: Amanda Winn-Lee
Japanese: Kaneko Noriko
"You come over here and say that where I can reach you, you *redacted*!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Despite her punk rock looks and, admittedly, somewhat skanky attire, Ulala Serizawa is a very sweet girl who dreams of one day finding a loving husband and living a life of perfect mundane happiness. Unfortunately, she must have really messed up in a previous life because life and luck have not been all that kind to her. She's had a string of bad boyfriends and can seem a bit single-minded when it comes to men and marriage. But she doesn't let these things bog her down for too long. She tries to carry forward in life with the sort of frantic pace of a woman desperately looking for a goal and purpose in life. All told though, she is an extremely caring young woman who only wants what other people seem to have.

Skills: Jill Of All Trades, Punk Rock Hairdo, Cosmetic Fiend, Million Dollar Baby, Doesn't Host Space Channel 5, Kind Hearted Girl, Grumpy Old Man, Foul Mouth, Boy-Crazy, Desperate Romantic, Not The Token Responsible Adult, But A Damn Good Housewife, Maya's Waifu, Until She Gets Married, Fast To Love, Fast To Hate, Fast To Forgive, Unless You're 'That' Sleeze, Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

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