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"This strategy is essential to securing victory."

Here is a sample fight between Shinjiro and Anna, using the Persona MUSH combat system!

  • Before the start of combat, Anna checks her +stats readout, and notices she has no generic Personas slotted in Slot 1 or Slot 2. She decides to use Senri and Rakshasa. Once these choices are made, she will do the entire fight with these Personas: her choices are set, and she should not dismiss or summon new Personas from her slots mid-fight.

  • Shinjiro checks his +health readout. He notices that he isn't at full health, due to not having used +heal/full after his last combat session. He does so, and Anna also uses +heal/full to reset her health and SP.

  • Shinjiro then chooses his first attack to use. He browses +attacks to see what is available and selects Fatal End.

  • Anna now reviews her +health readout. Since she was critically hit, she is now suffering Knockdown, which is displayed in +health. She has also gained some EX meter due to having been attacked. She browses her own +attacks list and selects Gryva; upon attacking, she recovers from Knockdown.

  • Shinjiro's turn. He looks at his +health. He has 3 meter: 1 gained from being attacked by Anna, and 2 gained from using Fatal End on her previously (as Shinjiro has STR statgrowth, he gains an extra meter when using physical moves). For now, he saves his meter. He is aware from a previous fight that Anna is Strike weak, and exploits this.

  • Anna checks her +health. She is in some trouble. Since she was Weakness hit, she is again Knocked Down. She attempts to use Poisma on Shinjiro, knowing that Poison will tick for considerable damage.

  • Shinjiro is still at full health. He decides that he can use a turn in attempting to debuff Anna's crit resistance, given his own poor crit chance.

  • Anna realizes from +health that she now has 5 meter. Her special is available for use. She decides to use it for defensive reasons: if it is successful, it will restore her a minor amount of SP, reduce Shinjiro's chances of dodging her or hitting her further, and cause him to take damage if he attempts to use any move that is not a basic weapon attack or his special.

  • Shinjiro looks at his +health. It now reports the debuffs currently on his person. He decides to save his meter for now; +health has also let him know that he is low on SP, and he will need to use a weapon move to restore some. This happens to coincide with Panic, which would cause him to take damage if he used anything but a weapon move. He uses the lowest power weapon move, but also the one that restores the most SP. It also sets him into a guard stance, increasing his evasion.

  • Anna decides to go on the offensive: she has a good amount of SP, and she is very much behind health-wise.

  • Shinjiro now has 10 meter accumulated. This is enough for him to use his special and do something with his EX meter. As his accuracy is currently debuffed, he chooses to use +ex/aim, which will improve the accuracy of his next attack, to make his special more likely to hit. Usage of the EX meter is done before attacking; Shinjiro types +ex/aim 5, which spends 5 of his EX meter, and then attacks Anna with his special with the remaining 5 meter.

  • Anna is one hit away from KO, and on top of that has Weight applied from Shinjiro's special, which increases the SP cost of her next move. On her native Persona, Aeshma, she has Mediarama, a group healing spell: however, Mediarama is a very expensive 21 SP, and Weight has increased the cost even more. As such, she chooses to switch to one of her off-Personas, Senri, which has access to the Standard Recovery ability group. Standard Recovery contains Diarama, a single target heal that is much less expensive than Mediarama (15 SP). She does a few things at this point:
    • She has 5 meter at her disposal. Anna uses +ex/vigor 5 to spend that 5 meter and grant herself a small amount of HP.
    • +persona 1 activates Senri, which she had earlier summoned into Slot 1, and allows Anna to heal. Combined with +ex/vigor, she regains 130 HP!
    • After finishing her turn, Anna may not activate a different Persona until it is once again her turn.

  • Shinjiro considers his +health readout. He still has a number of debuffs and does not want to wait for them to expire on their own in two rounds. Of note here is +pot; the readout provides a short report of which type of ailment is on a character, and thus some guidance on what spell to use to remove them. Shinjiro decides that Panic, which penalizes him for using anything but his weapon moves and special, is more important to remove: as a Mind Ailment, he needs Patra to cleanse it. While he doesn't have Patra on Castor, he does have it on Ouroboros: the generic Persona slotted in his second generic slot.
    • As with Anna, Shinjiro switches his Persona before acting with +persona 2. Upon using Patra to remove Panic, he cannot swap Persona again until his turn is up.

    • Anna looks at her +health. She has one turn of Energy, applied by her Diarama. It will increase the damage of her next move. She decides to combine it with a mid-level weapon move in order to regain SP, and attempt to deal some damage. She returns to Aeshma first with +persona m, as her Weapon ATK (WATK) score is higher if she has Aeshma activated.

    • Shinjiro also returns to his main Persona. Shinjiro knows Anna has Dark spells, and Ouroboros is Dark weak; he wants to leave the Persona as quickly as possible before she discovers and exploits his weakness. He is also very low on SP, so he opts to restore as much as possible with a low weapon move.

  • Anna has 4 EX meter available to her, and does not like that Shinjiro is still ahead of her healthwise. She decides to spend some meter on +ex/power, which will increase the damage of her next attack, and costs 3 SP to use. As with other usages of the EX meter, she enters the command before taking any other actions. +ex/power appreciably increases the damage of her Aquadyne.

  • Shinjiro is now pretty hurt himself. His Counter passive has also activated against Anna, which will afford him an SP cost reduction on his next move should he use it against Anna. +health reminds him who his Counter passive is active against. He also notices he is afflicted with Soak, which reduces the damage of his next attack. He decides to attack Anna with Zan-ei; the tag LowHPAtk on Zan-ei causes it to deal more damage if your health is low, and with that he hopes to counteract the effect of Soak.

  • Anna decides to use Eiha this round, hoping the Dark DOT attached to the move will apply.

  • Shinjiro's +health tells him he has 9 EX meter. He saves it, as he has a plan for later rounds, and instead uses Fatal End for now.

  • Anna is again low on SP. She is also low on health. She uses a low weapon attack for the dual purpose of regaining SP, and increasing her evasion.

  • Shinjiro is now also low on SP. What he plans to do with the EX meter he is banking will require more than just 9 SP, so he uses a low weapon move as well.

  • Anna uses Suiha on Shinjiro, hoping that the Exhaustion attached will apply.

  • Shinjiro is nearly at the amount of EX meter he wants. 26 SP, however, may still not be enough. He uses +soda to instantly regain 30 SP, and to set himself into a defensive stance.

  • Anna sees Shinjiro restoring a large amount of SP, and guesses that he is about to use it for something bad. She needs SP herself, and possesses the move Spirit Drain, and so she uses it to steal some of his regained SP: simultaneously gaining 20 SP, and attempting to disrupt whatever Shinjiro has planned.

  • Shinjiro looks at his +health. He has 15 EX meter, enough to do what he has been planning to do: make use of +ex/onemore, which costs 15 meter and allows him to take two actions in a single turn. He has 28 SP left after Anna's drain: barely enough SP for those two attacks.
    • First, Shinjiro types +ex/onemore in order to tell the system to allow him to take two actions.
    • Shinjiro then uses Matarukaja on himself to increase his attack power.
    • He then uses Fatal End. This is enough to end the fight.

And that is it for the Sample Fight! Most fights on Persona MUSH will not last as long as twelve rounds; this fight was drawn out slightly in order to provide more examples of the various possibilities in the system. Also, there are other tricks and aspects of the combat system that were not explored in this sample (for example, anything group-related); read the files and experiment with the csys to discover them!

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