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"You can't fight something empty-handed, so find something you like. Officer Kurosawa has connections... But, these things still cost money."

How do I use weapons?

Everyone has three weapon slots, though you can only have one weapon equipped at one time. Typically, weapons, like Personas, are selected before combat starts; check with the scene-runner if you need to switch a weapon mid-scene.

To view your weapons, type +weapon/list. To activate a weapon, use +weapon # where # is the weapon slot being activated.

Weapons are set through +weapon/acquire or +weapon/set. You can see information on how to set a weapon through +help +weapon

How do I get a weapon, ICly?

There are a variety of resources to getting a weapon, depending. Maybe they already own it for whatever reason. Some factions have access to armories, but there's always people willing to sell weapons for whatever reason, be they eccentric artists (Daidara Metalworks) or a bartender with a fondness for lethal weapons and a willingness to sell (Sumaru is a little weird).

In short, the exact means doesn't matter -- assume that whatever your character uses, they can get ahold of, somehow.

What weapons are acceptable ones?

Given that canon weapons in Persona run from fists to swords to coins to flowers and fans, there's quite a range of possibilities. That said, makeshift or low-tech weapons are the most common. Guns and firearms are particularly restricted in Japan (though really no one should be caught by the authorities with something that they don't have a permit for), and weapons such as tanks or missiles are unacceptable player weapons for most practical daily use.

Weapons are almost always of the Strike, Slash, or Pierce elements, though there can be variants under special circumstances.

What are weapon tags?

There are a few weapon tags, these affect the weapon's damage output, the SP regeneration rate, and other variables. See +help +weapon for how to set these. None of these are mandatory; if your weapon reflects one of the below but you don't want to use that tag, then you aren't required to use it.

Heavy weapons reflect particularly heavy or unwieldy weapons. These do more damage, but are less accurate and return less SP.

Doublehit weapons reflect paired weapons. There are two chances to hit, but the damage output is lower, as is the SP return.

Light weapons reflect very light or quick weapons. These do less damage, but return more SP and are more accurate.

Ranged weapons reflect weapons used from a distance. They do less damage and are less accurate, but they return much more SP.

Additionally, certain ailments can be put on weapons, at the lowest odds. These are illusion, panic, fear, rage, charm, enervation, exhaustion, poison, and random.

These are reflected ICly as a weapon having a particular effect in the hands of a Persona-User or Shadow-Possessed. They may or may not demonstrate an outward sign or hint to their nature.

What are special weapons?

Special weapons reflect weapons with non-standard elements (not strike, pierce, or slash) or weapons using tags not listed before. These are subject to final admin review, and some tags are not acceptable for weapons, such as Swift or Dark DOT.

Special weapons return less SP than normal. Weapons of the Almighty element return even less SP than normal, and at high attacks, will even cost SP to use.

How does my character get a special weapon?

A character interested in a special weapon should submit a +request, detailing what they're doing to obtain it and what they want to obtain; staff will review the request at that time and make their decision. In the event of a particularly powerful special weapon, especially Almighty, staff may request that the player have their character go on a quest (i.e. RP) to receive the weapon.

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