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* [[OOC Logs]] - Meeting logs warehouse.
* [[OOC Logs]] - Meeting logs warehouse.
* [[Tech Support]] - Having issues with the game? Check in here.
* [[Tech Support]] - Having issues with the game? Check in here.
* [http://mysterymeep.net/personamush/generics.php Generic Persona Database] - A database of generic Personas that may be earned by anyone.
==Just For Fun==
==Just For Fun==

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Welcome to the Persona MUSH Wiki!

This is a database of information dedicated for the use of the online roleplaying community of Persona MUSH. To connect, telnet to mysterymeep.net port 2012, or download a MUSH client for use with the site.

[edit] Overview

Persona MUSH revolves around a world where the supernatural is real through the power of the human mind. People who have the talent can summon up the thousands of gods or devils within them, using them to perform supernatural feats. This ability is called Persona, and the people who have this power can use it for good or for ill.

[edit] Current Projects

Contribution to these pages is highly encouraged!

  • MUSH Survival Guide - A guide for people new to the world of MUSHing.
  • Lexicon - Definitions of concepts involving the world of Persona MUSH.
  • Persona Ideas - Interesting concepts for Personas or Shadows.
  • Notable Links - Helpful links to websites about mythology, folklore, information on the Persona series, Japanese culture, and everything else.

[edit] Information and Character Pages

[edit] Just For Fun

[edit] Policy, Details, Tutorials, and Templates

  • Wiki Etiquette details specific wiki policies.
  • We have Templates for use on character pages.
  • Please see the Wikipage Tutorial for more information on page creation.
  • All information on this Wiki is OOC knowledge unless otherwise stated.

[edit] Wiki Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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