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There are a few points of official policy that we would like wiki-users to follow.

  • Admin have the right to request that users remove offensive content from their pages. If this is not abided, the page in question will be removed. Continued offenses will result in the suspension or removal of the user's account.
  • As official policy, please practice general wiki courtesy. For example, please don't editing anyone's character pages but your own, save for the addition of category tags or correcting a broken link; for anything more than this, it's better if you get in contact with the player of the character to talk about it.
    • Editing any non-character page, unless it is specifically locked from edits, is fine though! Please add on to pages.
  • People are encouraged to make use of talk pages. Every page on the wiki has one! They are an excellent way to have a discussion with your fellow wiki-users about page-related concerns.
  • As official policy, files uploaded to the wiki should be linked to a page or they may be subject to removal. Pages should relate to PersonaMUSH or they may also be subject to removal.
  • Due to space limitations, files are capped at 150kb, and we ask that you limit yourself to the equivalent of this size or less per page. This may change in the future. You may remotely link images from other locations, but please be mindful of other people's bandwidth. We recommend using either your own webspace or a free image-hosting site. See here for details on how to remotely link images.
    • If you need to resize an image and do not have a program like Photoshop, ( and GIMP ( are free-to-use.
    • There are also a variety of free image-hosting sites on the web such as Flickr or Photobucket that would be a more appropriate place to upload extra files.
  • If you spot any spam or abuse, please alert staff as soon as you can. We try to keep tabs on things, but problems can crop up pretty quickly at times.
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