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This covers any technical issues that arise with PersonaMUSH, including the issues that certain MUSH clients might experience. If you experience any technical problems, please contact an admin. We'll do our best to resolve your problem. At the present, the following issues are known:

Client Issues


  • Problem: Ansi colors do not display properly; black highlight colors appear black, red bars appear in +stats.
  • Solution: Open the Options menu, and select 'Ansi Colors'. Uncheck 'Reset settings on new lines' and 'Use bold font style instead of color' if they are checked.

General Issues

  • Problem: +bbnext cuts off bbposts prematurely; sometimes this causes a 'leak' of ansi colors.
  • Solution: This is an issue arising from the frames. At the present, the best workaround is to make use of +bbread board/post on problematic postings.
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