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Keith Windslow
Inaba's Aussie Nerd
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Full Name Keith Windslow
Arcana Magician
Persona None
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Age 16
Birth Date December 19, 1994
Preferred Weapon Ancestral Longsword
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Games Designer
Social Stats
  • Expression: 2 - Not-Awkward-Nerd
  • Knowledge: 4 - NEEEEERRRDDD
    • Programming: 5 - Code Ace
  • Courage: 4 - Hot-Blooded Fury
  • Understanding: 3 - Generous
  • Diligence: 2 - Persistent
"I don't believe in fate, mate. I believe a person can forge their own destiny with their own two hands."

Profile and Skills
A transfer student all the way from Australia, and more or less forced to live in Inaba, Keith is a programming and electronics expert, and also very good with history, basically, a total nerd, among a family of soldiers, with a tradition that the first-born child would always enlist with the military. However, Keith is the second-born of the family, his older brother, Dan, is currently in the Australian SASR. Keith looks up to him, but inside, he feels he's overshadowed by him. Regardless, he's a fairly outgoing, friendly guy who not only hot-blooded when he wants to be, but also rather genre-savvy, with weird tendency to speak in tropes. If you need help on anything related to computing, electronics, or history, he's your man.

Video Games Ruined My Life, Good Thing I Have Two Extra Lives, My Brother Is A Total Badass, Quite Possibly One Of The Only Few Aussies In Inaba, I Damn Well Earned That Sword, The 1337est Programmer In Inaba (I Think), Who The Hell Do You Think I Am, Troperiffic, Good With History, I Don't Drink Anything Other Than Water And Milk, Meat And Apples Are Fine Too

Keith was raised in a middle-class family living in Sydney, with a younger sister, Lisa, and an older brother, Dan. The men of the Windslow family had traditionally been a line of feared and respected warriors, dating back to medieval times, and per family tradition, the first born is almost always the one who serves in the military full-time. Dan, being the first-born, went on to become part of the Australian SASR. His father was not a soldier himself, instead working as a businessman in a pharmaceutical company. His mother stayed home to take care of her children, and Lisa is still in primary school.

Before Dan went off into the military, he and Keith used to duel constantly in their spare time with fake weapons, generally wooden swords, for fun, with Dan generally winning every time. The day before he went off to serve, however, Dan made a proposal to his brother – if he beat him in one last duel, Dan would give him the rather ancient sword that's been passed down from generation to generation of the family, figuring he wouldn't need it abroad. Keith accepted, and they fought one last duel, with Keith managing to come out on top, but he never realised that Dan had thrown the duel, believing that the sword would be no use to him on a modern battlefield, and that his little brother should have it in case he was killed in action. Honouring the deal, Dan gave him the sword, and said his farewells before heading off to service. He occasionally comes by when he's on leave.

Keith, on the other hand, decided against following his brother's example and ended up becoming a nerd instead, earning fairly high marks in school, but he opened up to people and made many friends. He took up electronics, IT and history as his favourite subjects. Keith eventually decided on what to do with his life - design and make video games. He began to learn to program - first with VB.Net as a starter language, then Python, and then he learned the essential programming language that is C++. He surprised himself with his own talent, and soon enough, he became well-known as a programming genius.

However, due to his father's business, Keith and his family were forced to move abroad to Japan. However, there was a problem with taking the sword along, due to Japanese weapons laws. Since Keith treasured the sword so dearly, his father took responsibility for the sword's storage and transport, using his connections to have it transported safely without arousing suspicions from the Japanese authorities, and warned Keith to keep the sword in his room. Since his father's job entailed him to be away from the home for days at a time, his father opted to have the family live in Inaba, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Keith initially thought it would be incredibly boring, but it seemed he was in for a surprise...

Keith is a good person with a strong sense of justice, helping people in need whenever possible regardless of the risk, under the justification that he doesn't need a reason to help people. Friendly and outgoing, he's not afraid to speak his mind, though he might say things without thinking. Though, his natural nerdy shyness might come out. At times, he can be rather hot-blooded, not above taunting and insulting opponents that have not earned his respect. A strong advocate of "If there is a will, there is a way", he absolutely refuses to give up in any situation. He is not one to run away from fights unless he and his friends are clearly outmatched, but may stay behind on occasion to observe the opponent's fighting style, strengths, and possible weaknesses. He also one heck of a nerd, and is not ashamed to admit it, but is also rather intelligent. Also rather genre-savvy - if you're a villain and you say "Nothing can stop us now!", he will laugh at you. Not only does he know a LOT about tropes, he's also read the Evil Overlord's List. Thankfully, he does not plan on becoming an evil overlord. He does not believe in pre-determined destinies, the only destiny he believes in is the sort that people make for themselves.

Concerning the world around him, Keith knows of the reality of the world and how horrible life and humanity can be, but ultimately, he has a fairly positive and optimistic outlook on life, with a firm belief that humanity can improve with time, and those who aren't too far gone can be shown the error of their ways and be redeemed. However, Keith has serious self-control issues when it comes to people who have done really bad things. If he witnesses or is reminded of a terrible action someone has committed with said person in front of him, he tends to lose it and goes into a "righteous fury" – in short, he goes utterly ballistic, and tries to tear that person a new one, though he will calm down if properly restrained. Examples of what can trigger his rage include bullies, murderers, and other criminals who had done something horrible. Patience is also not one of his strong points. As a result of said lack of patience, he may occasionally try to go out with his own to solve a problem, if a group he is with is unable to make any proper decision before he loses his patience with them.

His dream is to become a proper video game developer (as in, part of a studio), and recognised for his talents. He is rather unsure about the supernatural, though he suspects that such things are real, but he can't bring himself to particularly care but if he knew it was real, he would certainly be all for using stuff like magic, if it benefits mankind and not used for evil, of course. When he's not programming, he tends to chat on the net, play video games, or read history books, though one will find him at places such as internet/gaming cafes. What he likes – his favourite colour is blue. He prefers 'simple' foods, such as spaghetti, steak, etc. He prefers meats and grains over most vegetables and fruits, with an exception of apples, which he loves. He likes Video Games, anime, manga, and web comics. His dislikes - When it comes to drinks, it's not water, milk, fruit juice made by his mother, or some kind of chocolate/vanilla drink, he'll most likely dislike it. His liking for sports ranges from dislike to just not interested, depending on the sport. Sport in general is just not something he particularly cares about.

Social Links
  • O - THE FOOL
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    • Shiori Hibiki: The two first met in Aiya, where they introduced each other and had a pleasant conversation. They're pretty friendly towards each other.
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    • Anise Thompson: First met her in Junes, where they had a philosophical discussion. Doesn't realise that she might be bad news... Though his conversation with Shiori has made him suspicious of her.
    • None yet
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    • Ariko Kawano: Despite awkward first impressions, Keith and Ariko have actually gotten on well enough for the latter to ask him to refer to her on a first-name basis.
    • Reki Kurusu: They get along quite well, despite an awkward end to their first meeting, but Keith doesn't hold anything against him by any means.
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