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Agent Death
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Yoshi Yoshida (Roughly, looks a little older)
|200px|Agent Death]]
Personal Information
Real Name Yoshi Yoshida
Aliases Agent Death, Oh God It's Her Run.
Arcana Death
Nature Persona User
Gender Female
Age 30
Birth Date January 12th, 1980
Preferred Weapon Pistols
Organization Information
Faction New World Order
Job Agent Death (Noticing a theme here?)
Persona - Yuki-onna
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Yuki-onna, the Snow Maiden
OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Yoshiko Sakakibara



Yoshi Yoshida was one of the most feared members of the terrorist organization Zetsumei. Though the organization was brutally crushed by the NWO in late 2009, Yoshi was one of the few members of the organization not to be jailed or disappeared. It seemed that there was some room for overlap between her philosophy and the greater goals of the New World Order. More to the point, she also knew enough to bow her head and swallow her pride in exchange for a second shot at life. Extensive plastic surgery has allowed her to rejoin society. Now, as fiercely devoted to the betterment of Japan as she ever was, she stands ready to help the New World Order purge the world of sin and put Japan on top of it all.


Counter Terrorists Won, Mostly Loyal, Loves Her Nickname, Her Mask Is Her Face, Likes Things That Go Boom, Not A Terrorist Any More, Probably, Daddy Issues, Big Sister, Best Guidance Councilor Ever, FOR THE EMPEROR!


Looking back on her life, one could be forgiven for thinking that Yoshi never really had a choice. Certainly, she's never felt like she had much say in the matter.

Yoshi grew up in Tokyo, the daughter of a career military man in the JDF (Masaru Yoshida). Her mother was a very traditional Japanese housewife, but complications in her birth meant that she was unable to have more children. Her father had always wanted a son, and being denied that made him grow bitter to his family over the years. But despite that coldness, the first few years of her life were somewhat normal. Pampered, even, as her father earned a lot of money!

Yoshi was a precocious child, which often brought her into conflict with her parents. Rather than risk their continued scorn, she eventually learned to hide her passion for the sciences, and instead focused on trying to be the daughter that they wanted rather than the person she was. As a result, her grades suffered, and she had a miserable time at high school. She had few friends, and held a deep seated disgust for the outside activities she felt forced to endure.

At the age of eighteen, in 1998, she finished her schooling, and her father was pleased to tell her that she was 'to be introduced' to a very fine young man called Toshio Yamada, after some discussions with her uncle who was serving as Nakodo. Yoshi simply accepted this as the way things were, and she said and did everything that was expected of her, as it was expected of her.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, Yoshi did the only thing she could think to do, and secretly worked to ensure that she did not get pregnant. She didn't know what she wanted out of life at that point, but she knew that she did not want to bring a child into the cold environment that was fostering between herself and her husband. Now that she was not living with her parents, she felt more free to be herself. But the facade she had put up for her husband's sake during their introduction was starting to crack.

After a year without a child, Toshio began to grow impatient, even angry, with the situation. Yoshi, however, was starting to study more in her spare time. She was not expected to hold down a job, and she found herself drawn to chemistry and physics, as well as more esoteric subjects that she had never thought of before, like history and politics. She still hid these interests from her husband, but the truth was that she was finally growing as a person.

In early 2000, two years into their marriage, he found the pills she had been using. The ensuing row ended with her receiving a black eye, and being wandering the streets. Alone, in the rain, miserable, and in pain, Yoshi spent the night huddled in a doorway. When she awoke, she resolved that it was time to stop trying to be something she wasn't; the collapse of their marriage was inevitable. It had been founded on a lie. It was time to move on.

It was a hard decision, but Yoshi resolved that she was through with this stage of her life, and she made good on that resolution. She found work as a waitress, and soon had a tiny apartment that she could call her own. Still, though, a revolutionary spark had been lit in Yoshi's heart, and she was drawn towards more and more revolutionary politics. She had never really considered the role of religion until this time, but it seemed more and more to her that something had gone horribly wrong with Japan, for her to be forced to live like this. She felt it was her duty to help get Japan back on track.

Making contact with others who followed her line of thinking was relatively easy with the internet. She began to socialize amongst the revolutionary circle in Tokyo, and she found many like minded people. Soon enough, the waitress was becoming a true soldier. She understood pride in Japan; it had been a common element throughout her upbringing with her Father. But he had always said that it was the duty of men, not of women. She could not disagree more.

In 2004, Zetsumei made its first move. The loose gathering of like minded people had become a tight knit cell who struck a terrifying blow against the establishment by blowing up a McDonalds. They claimed responsibility for it, and let it be known that they would not rest until Japan had rediscovered its roots as a proud people. The body count was mercifully small, but the taste had been lit in Yoshi now. She saw it as her duty to force Japan to stand back up after the beating they had taken in the War. Now, she knew, she had the power to help.

For five years Zetsumei grew, comitting a spate of similar acts across Japan. Unknown to the organization, they had caught the eye of the New World Order, and over those five years, the NWO wove itself into the network. They became reliant on the money they received from their backers, people that Yoshi thought were simply doing their patriotic duty. In 2009, the NWO decided that it was time to take more active control over the group, and they were shattered.

It took weeks for the entirety of Zetsumei to be brought in. But it was like trying to fight the tide. When it became clear that the organization was done, Yoshi turned herself in. She was never officially processed.

She was given a choice, she could either assist the New World Order in their goals, helping to bring Japan back up from where it had fallen to where it should be using their methods and their timescale, or she could die. The past few years had proven to Yoshi that there was more to life than she had ever dreamed of, and death was simply not an attractive option. So she opted for life. She agreed to submit to whatever was necessary.

She was not surprised that surgery played a large role; she had assumed though, that it was largely cosmetic. She was very wrong. She had proven that she had an uncommon level of strength and will, and now it was time for that talent to be turned to more productive avenues. She was experimented on for months, the process was agonizing, but she survived, and when she came out of it, it was with the ability to call on a Persona. Yoshi no longer recognized the face in the mirror. Truly, her previous life had died. But this was what she had always wanted. To make the world a better place. With training, she learned to call upon her Persona, to give her will form. Yuki-onna granted Yoshi terrible power, and she knew that together, they could do what she alone never could. It was fated that the miserable girl from the past would grow into this form.

Naturally, Yoshi's violent past meant that she was classified as an unstable asset. In truth, they had no need to worry. Yoshi had no intention of disobeying her orders, and she proved this remarkably well over the next few months. Eventually, her handlers decided that it was time to release her for use by the organization as a whole. With a small stipend to live comfortably on, and all the contact details she needed to serve the NWO, she was finally released. Codenamed Agent Death, the only promise she has, is that she will serve the growth of Japan into a true Global Superpower. As it was inevitably meant to be.


Yuki-onna's tale is a cautionary one told by mothers to warn their children about the dangers of the world for the unprepared.

Long ago, she was caught in a snowstorm whilst looking for her lost child. Although the child made it home safely, the woman that Yuki-onna had been died a painful and slow death by exposure.

Her spirit lingered on, twisted by her experience to cause others to succumb to the same fate. She led the unwary astray, and played on the emotions of parents who, like her, had lost their children. Her frozen breath left many dead, but did she really have a choice? So warped by her own death.

What does this have to do with Yoshi? Well, that's for you to infer.

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