Takumi Yoshida

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Takumi Yoshida

NPC's Full Name Takumi Yoshida
NPC Owner Daisuke Itami
NPC Faction Unaffiliated
NPC Type Civilian
NPC Description Current CEO of the Sumaru-based Yoshida Pharmaceuticals, Takumi Yoshida inherited his position from his father years earlier -- a story that encapsulates much of the man's life. A composed and charming man, Yoshida seems to keep his both his employees' and his company's interests at heart despite a seeming concern with appearances and maintaining face, and until recently, has struggled to keep both the company's main branch and Tatsumi-shi branch afloat in the midst of a financial downturn. Recently, that downturn has begun to reverse itself rather stunningly... coincidentally, with the dawn of the mystery drug Cintamani's surging popularity throughout Sumaru...
NPC Notes Takumi Yoshida is an NPC for the ongoing Magnum Opus TP. If you'd like to scene with him for whatever reason, just page or @mail Daisuke Itami!

NPC Activity

Date Name Details
2-21-2014 Gene Parmesan Kyo Taimiev makes some discoveries about Yoshida Pharmaceuticals, and makes Takumi Yoshida an offer.
3-04-2014 Gene Parmesan Takumi Yoshida hosts a charity ball in support of those suffering from the pollution sickness.
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