Takashi Hanya

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Takashi Hanya
Aliases Takashi, Hamya
Arcana V - The Hierophant Reverse
Persona Drill Hannya
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Heavy Bludgeons
Faction NWO
Teams Nationalists
Job Battle Principal
Origin Persona 2
"Hey, you there! It's about time I taught you a lesson!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Takashi Hanya is the single most reviled man in the history of the quint-city area school district. Almost everyone has had to deal with Hanya (or the more reclusive Harding of St. Hermelin, rumored to be his doppelganger), and no one has ever enjoyed it. Imperious and self-absorbed, Hanya wants to be remembered as the best educator to ever live; his narcissism and nationalism, put together, make him a more than adequate NWO operative... though in spite of his abrasiveness and his egotism, he really does care about his students.

Skills: GIANT WRENCH, Karma Houdini, Inexplicably Popular Among Large Swaths Of The Student Body Despite Being A Giant Douchebag, Piercing The Heavens With His Drill, Pretty Good For An Old Man, Falling = 30 Levels In Badass

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