Suzume Inoue

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Suzume Inoue
Energetic Girl
Full Name Suzume Inoue
Aliases Suzu
Arcana XV - The Devil
Persona Zirnitra
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 17
Blood Type B
Preferred Weapon Nagamaki
Faction KDA
Assignment Yasogami High (Second Year)
Origin Original Character
Player Prism
"We can't just ignore all these problems, can we?"
A student at Yasogami High after transferring from Port Island, Suzume Inoue is an athletic student who does only passably in her non-gym courses. She is also a member of the Kuzunoha Detective Agency (Inaba branch), something she takes much more seriously than her academics, having dedicated her relatively newfound supernatural power to the defense of others. She has a great interest in the occult world she's found herself involved in. Impulsive and with occasionally poor self-restraint, Suzume tends to rush in and act immediately, trusting to fortune, good intentions, and instinct to muddle her way through life in general, something that has met with mixed success.
Pushing The Button, Picking Up Hobbies On A Whim, A New Crush Every Month, Sucker For A Pretty Face, Passionate About Whatever She Has Decided To Do Just Now, Easily Tempted, Trust Your Instincts, Only Kind Of A Dork, Chivalry Isn't Dead
  • Weapon: Basic Nagamaki - A polearm about seven feet long, about half of which is sword blade.
  • Body: Yasogami Uniform - A basic uniform for high schoolers.
  • Feet: Running Shoes - Black sneakers for athletic activity.
  • Accessory: ???
Social Stats
  • Courage: 5
  • Diligence: 2
  • Expression: 3
  • Understanding:: 2
  • Academics: 2
Amazing Facts!
  • There are no amazing facts. Or... are there?
  • Well, not yet.
Combat Information

Suzume Inoue is a tolerable combatant, turning her excess energy and long-practiced athleticism to good use; she's better at the long haul than sudden bursts of speed, though she's hardly slow even in a sprint. Also, she has the power of a big dragon behind her.

Special: Boundless Energy - Suzume can use reserves of energy most people don't know they have.

Persona and Resonance

Suzume's Persona is Zirnitra, a Wendish dragon god.

Zirnitra (also Zir and Rosvodiz, among others) is a massive black zmey, a type of multiheaded dragon. Details about him are scarce, but he was worshipped as a god of sorcery and war, and has absorbed many of the traits of zmey (zmaj, zmej, lamja). Zmey are considered knowledgeable creatures of superhuman strength and proficiency in magic, very rich (usually described as having castles of enormous riches hidden in distant lands), gluttonous, and often lustful for women. They are often short-sighted and act immediately rather than waiting despite their immense lifespan; long-term planning is largely beyond them, and they sometimes take foolish risks. In the later Christianized readings, they were used to represent ignorance more than evil.

Zmey, unlike many European dragons, were never considered to be entirely evil even if they weren't benevolent. National heroes were named dragons or said to be concieved by dragons, and some of them were great protectors; the Ljubljana Dragon was the defender of the city of Ljubljana and is still found on its coat of arms. Zirnitra in particular was used as the protector of the Wends when they were invaded by the Saxons and has associations with defense and stewardship of his chosen people.


Soon, when she's been here for more than a week.

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