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Natasha Petrova
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Personal Information
Real Name Natasha Petrova
Aliases 'Tasha
Arcana The Tower Reverse
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Age 27
Birth Date February 19th
Preferred Weapon Magnum Revolver
Organization Information
Faction Strega
Job Assassin
Shadow - Arachne
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OOC Information
Origin Original Character

"I do not have a parlor, so I will welcome you to your end. I shall TRY to make it quick."


Born and raised in Chicago, the daughter of an American woman and a Russian immigrant worker, Natasha's once perfect life in her mother's textile shop was shattered when her parents were killed over her father's connections to the Russian mafia. A foolhardy quest for revenge ended with her Shadow awakening and possessing her, though allowing her the victory she sought. Now twenty-six years old she is a part of Strega and does just about any job they ask of her, just as she also believes in the coming of Nyx and often states she desires the destruction of humanity. Prideful, vain, and compulsive, Natasha has the skills of a thief and a killer and has little regret in using them for petty reasons. She also has no problem using every dirty trick in the book, exploiting any angle if it would end in a victory for her. As well, she has a habit of making most of her own clothes and hiding all manner of nasty weapons within their sleeves.


Femme Fatale, Has At Least Three Big Guns, Nothing Up My Sleeves (Except All The Everything), No She Doesn't Know 'Boris', The Itsy Bitsy Spider Climbed Up The Water Spout, So She Could KILL YOU, You Could Say She's 'Handy', In Soviet Russia Spider Squash You, Future Bond Villainess, Knowledge: English, Knowledge: Russian, Knowledge: Tailoring, Don't Ask Her To Say 'Pesky Moose And Squirrel', Nyx Cheerleader, Pride Goes Before Destruction


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