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Full Name 天野舞耶 (あまの まや)
Aliases Maya;TheBee;Ma-Ya
Arcana XVIII - The Moon
Persona Maia
Nature Persona-user
Gender Female
Age 26
Birth Date July 4th, 1986
Canon: July 4th, 1976
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Pink-Pink Handguns
Faction Darkside
Teams Shinsengumi
Job Lois Lane
Origin Persona 2
"Why do I have to be the designated grown-up?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: A writer for trendy teen magazine Coolest, Maya Amano makes it her business to nose around and find out what the latest rage is with children not too terribly younger than herself. As one of the lowest people on the foodchain in her office, it lands on her shoulders to do a lot of the footwork on stories, interviewing people and finding the stories. The bane of her existance are line editors, who even she has trouble finding room in her enormous heart to find something positive to say about.

Skills: Let's Positive Thinking!, The Power Of <3, Generating Aggro With Men Who Wear Bags On Their Head, Kindness And Goodwill To All People, Stuffed Animal Extortion, Hello Kitty Handguns, Questionable Fashion Sense, Honey Flash?!

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