Kai Nakamoto

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Kai Nakamoto
Personal Information
Real Name Kai Nakamoto
Aliases Kai
Arcana VIII - Justice
Nature Persona User
Gender Male
Age 17
Birth Date December 27th, 1991 (Capricorn)
Organization Information
Faction Darkside
Job High School Student / Club Zodiac Bouncer
Divisions None
Assignment Seven Sisters High School, Class 1-A
Persona - Vidarr
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OOC Information
Origin Original Character




Despite his parents’ decision to divorce when he was just two years old, Kai was raised in a caring environment where love and filial devotion were the cornerstones of daily life. His mother eventually remarried and moved to a different city, but the boy grew into adolescence nurturing a strong love for his kind father who served as a city police officer.

This stable, happy world was completely shattered one horrific night in Kai’s fifteenth year. An attempted break-in at their home left the boy an orphan as his father, seeking to apprehend a pair of armed burglars in his own home, was fatally shot through the chest by one of the intruders in front of his own son. When authorities finally rushed to the scene, they found the corpses of the two interlopers torn into unrecognizable pieces, the result of some savage and mysterious act of carnage. Nearby on the floor, covered in the blood of the murdered burglars as well as bearing some serious injuries himself, lay an unconscious Kai.

After spending the past two years serving out his time in the legal system for manslaughter system, Kai has returned to “regular” society, moved in with a distant uncle, and restarted his academic career where he left off.


The first word to come to mind upon casting your eyes on Kai Nakamoto is "tall," closed followed by "strong." His youthfulness is obscured by the sheer physicality of his form: rounded, broad-set shoulders perched atop a chiseled and hardened torso with long legs corded with muscle. Yet, despite the impressive musculature of his body, the discerning eye might see that this is no product of hours spent in the high school gym or the school yard. The heightened focus on specific regions such as the arms, shoulders, and thighs, coupled with the more emaciated nature of his other parts give his form a raw, animalistic aspect not usually seen in those bodies shaped by athletics or sport.

The overwhelming, almost gross strength his body exudes is completely offset by the boyishness of his countenance. His dark hair is cut short on top while the sides of his head are entirely shaved, a peculiar haircut that brings his eyes to the forefront: a pair of gentle, tan-colored orbs screened by a fan of long, thick lashes. His mouth is pert and the lips delicate, which makes the usual grim set of his mouth appear awkward and forced.

He is clothed in the standard male uniform for a student of the Seven Sisters High School: black, white-trimmed blazer with matching slacks. Due to his hulking size, the finely cut outfit fits awkwardly on him: the sleeves end a couple of inches before his wrists and the dark fabric limits the movement of his arms and legs at times. The tie around his neck is green.


"I am thou... thou art I. I am Vidarr, the silent avenger, he of the iron shoe. From my hands Justice shall be yours, till the world's end."

Kai’s Persona is the Norse God of Vengeance, Vidarr. Vidarr is the stalwart, loyal son of Odin who wears an iron shoe made from the scraps of leather tossed aside by all the shoemakers in the world. He is known as the silent god, nearly as strong as Thor, and always reliable to be called on for aid. His fate is to avenge his father’s death by killing the great wolf Fenrir at the apocalyptic battle of Ragnarok, which he does by placing his iron-clad foot on the bottom jaw of the huge wolf and then grabbing and tearing off the top half.

Interestingly enough, despite Vidarr's martial nature, he is one of the few Aesir destined to survive the Ragnarok and take part in the restoration of the world.


To those capable of detecting Persona users, Kai exudes an aura of slumbering strength, invoking images of a deep lake which appears untroubled from the outside yet contains an intimidating, possibly menacing mystery within its watery depths. To particularly sensitive users, the edges of his resonance have a ragged, tattered aspect to them, which may cause a chafing or somewhat sandpapery sensation to those who draw too near. The overall scent is metallic, like the burning iron of a smithy.

Notable Social Links

  • 0 - The Fool
  • I - The Magician
  • II - The High Priestess
  • III - The Empress
  • IV - The Emperor
  • V - The Hierophant
  • VI - The Lovers
  • VII - The Chariot
  • VIII - Justice
  • IX - The Hermit
  • X - Wheel of Fortune
  • XI - Strength
  • XII - The Hanged Man
  • XIII - Death
  • XIV - Temperance
  • XV - The Devil
  • XVI - The Tower
  • XVII - The Star
  • XVIII - The Moon
  • XIX - The Sun
  • XX - The Judgment

Social Stats

  • Understanding: 3 - He's good... at listening.
  • Courage: 5 - Heart of a Lion
  • Knowledge: 3 - Well-read... for a convict.
  • Diligence: 4 - Disciplined machine.
  • Expression: 1 - Doesn't talk much. Ever.
  • Charm: 1 - What's that?


  • Weapon: Bare-knuckled Fists
  • Body: In School - Seven Sisters Student Uniform (1 size too small) // Normally - Dark straight-leg jeans; black graphic T-shirt; gray zip-up hoodie; black leather jacket
  • Feet: Black-and-white Converse All Stars
  • Accessory: Silver linked neck-chain (usually hidden under clothing); small metallic hoop earring (rarely worn)


  • "Kai" is Japanese for "shell" and "Nakamoto" means "central origin" or "(one who lives) in the middle"
  • Height: 191 centimeters or 6'3"
  • Weight: 94.3 kg or 208 lbs.
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Likes: the outdoors, fishing, MMA, petite girls, deadlifts
  • Dislikes: speaking, squats
  • Hobbies: working out, reading biographies, listening to hip hop and R&B
  • Favorite Food/Drink: chicken yakitori with liberal amounts of tare sauce, sake (salmon) sashimi, McDonald's Big Macs, milk, POCARI SWEAT
  • Least Favorite Food/Drink: edamame, dessert foods, genmaicha tea
  • Secret interests/longings/fetishes: to become a poet; to one day sing at a karaoke (instead of just in the shower)
  • Current Song on Repeat: MC Sniper - Better than Yesterday (My burning heart is the spokesman of my passion / No trial, tragedy, or longing can ever stop me)
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