Jack Imahara

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Jack Imahara
Full Name Jack Elliot Imahara
Aliases Too Many To Count
Arcana I - The Magician
Persona Coyote
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 25?
Birth Date  ???
Preferred Weapon Switchblade
Faction Unaffiliated
Divisions Civilians
Voice Actor Dennis Oh
"Sometimes, you just gotta howl at the moon."
Profile and Skills

Jack Imahara is a sketchy character. Charismatic, likable, and worldly at first glance, at second glance, Jack is always after something, and always trying to sell something else. While he claims to be totally legally and gainfully employed as a host at a host club, Jack is unnecessarily wary around law enforcement, is sometimes spotted selling things in alleyways, and always reeks of Up To Something. Despite his perpetually obscure agenda, Jack tries his hardest to be a kind, polite, and good person even when he's trying to bilk his interlocutors for all they're worth. While he regards the con game as the core of his repertoire, Jack is guided by a selective sense of morality rooted, apparently, in the belief that in every person is a gentle, loving party animal that just needs to be shown a good time. In spite of his obsession with the material, he has a deep interest in the occult and the supernatural. His underlying sense that there's more to this world and his odd sense of honor have led him to begin his own inquiry into the paranormal.

Keep Your Eye On The Lady, The Best Things In Life Are Free, Perpetually Scruffy, Sleight of Hand, Silvertongued Devil, Likely Committing Immigration Fraud, If You Want It, He Can Find It, Loves The Little Things In Life, Everyday I'm Hustlin', Service With A Smile, Order Now And Get An Slap-Chop For Only Y599, Yet Another Brash American, It's A Crooked Game, But It's The Only Game In Town

  • Weapon: Switchblade
  • Body: Fashionable Clothing
  • Feet: Scuffed Shoes
  • Accessory: Designer Shades
Social Stats
  • Expression: 5 - Mr. Wonderful
  • Knowledge: 3 - NYU Dropout
  • Courage: 1 - Let's Not Fight
  • Understanding: 4 - I Think I Get It
  • Diligence: 4 - Details, Details
  • Haute Couture: "Oh sure, these are designer."
  • Charming Smile: *ping*
  • Hey Baby: "What's a pretty girl like you doing in a dump like this?"
  • Twist: "Actually, I think Foucault makes great points about analytical philosophy."
  • Jack is only a quarter Japanese. He's also a quarter Korean, though. The rest is Indeterminate American.
  • Jack is a born-and-raised New Yorker. He has trained himself to sound like a generic American.
Combat Information

Things go here.


Thou art I, and I art thou... I am Coyote. We will hunt together, brother!

Coyote, the trickster spirit, is the hero and sometime pseudo-antagonist of many Native American cultures, especially the Navajo and the Apache. Sometimes appearing as a mixture of man and animal, and sometimes appearing as one of his little-c coyote brethren, Coyote is a master of magic and wiles, given special dispensation from the Creator to protect mankind. However, he can be kind of a jerk...

Jack, like Coyote and coyotes, is a survivor through and through who will do whatever it takes to make it, be it stealing fire from the Fire Beings or eating secondhand food. While they are prideful, dignity is not a problem, and trickery is the noblest of all weapons. Many are stronger, fiercer, more powerful, smarter, wiser, and more adept, but none are more... well... uh... um... persistent?

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