Haruko Fukui

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Haruko Fukui
Full Name 福井陽子
Arcana Justice
Persona Astraea
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 15
Birth Date June 7th, 1995
Blood Type A+
Preferred Weapon Fists
Faction KDA
Job Cheerful, Nerdy Student
Assignment Seven Sisters High School
Origin Original
Player AB
  • Haruko's parents are with the Yakuza. It's true, I saw her father's tattoos once!
  • Haruko can't cook, but when she cooks for you; tell her it's delicious. Always.
  • Haruko hasn't given anyone Chocolate for Valentines Day this year, I wonder why...
  • Some people say Haruko and her parents have a really tense relationship.
  • If you impress Haruko, she might help you with homework. She can explain things pretty well!
  • Don't break the rules when Haruko is nearby, you'll hear the lecture for months.
"Life... isn't fair, but that's no reason to give up hope. Work hard to achieve your dreams."
Haruko Fukui is cheerful and hard working, she does well in class due to her studious nature, even though she isn't the smartest kid in class by far. She is quick to report people who have broken the rules, but rumours are that her parents are involved in some shady business. Haruko often sits alone in the breaks between classes, working on her homework while others goof off. It's not that she doesn't know how to enjoy herself, she just prefers to do that when she's really got the time for it. She has helped people she liked with their homework, but it's not something anyone can count in.
You Shall Not Pass (the Line of What's Acceptable), Studious Cheer, Cheating is an Atrocity, My Parents Are Criminals, School Time is for School Things
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