Cutscene: The Star

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IC Date: October 23, 2009

Characters Involved: Hinata Itoh

Life was slowly returning to normal in Port Island. Of this, Hinata was sure of, even though it was a varying definition of normal. She was also certain this time of tranquility wouldn't last. It never did, not since that first Dark Hour. So it was important to get the other little details of life out of the way.

She paused for a moment, pen hanging over the paper. 'Little details.'

Even though she had no time for cramming, the youngest Itoh had still finished high in her scoring. High enough to still make her parents proud, and higher still than her friends with less approving parents. It still troubled Hinata, with a little more studying she could've made it to the top two. The tests weren't going to come easier, how many more studying sessions would she miss having to do things she couldn't explain to Mom or Dad or her senseis? She'd have to find time to make those up.

Time. The scared scarred man with the watch came to mind. He seemed to be fixed on time, perhaps out of experience. There never wasn't enough time to do everything. Time enough to study. Time to be with senpai~ Time to be with Ikeda-san so she won't feel so lonely. Time to be with everyone else to help them with their problems too. Time to be with Nee-chan and Nee-san and Mom and Dad and even Shinjiro. Time to adventure in Tartarus and possibly the TV World and who knows where else saving the day. Time... Time she really didn't have for anything else.

She was still staring at the paper when the door chime rang, hastily she scooped it up and placed it aside with used slurpee coupons and successful lottery tickets. There will be time later to think about this, Hina thought as she put on her best customer service smile. It wasn't her brightest, but it'll have to do.

Sitting on top of the pile lay the paper, an application for an idol contest with only the name 'Itoh Hinata' filled out. She'll get back to it later. When she has time.

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