Cutscene: Shattered and Broken

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IC Date: Tuesday, November 02, 2009

Characters Involved: Yuuka Chiba

~/o Fear is only in our minds, Taking over all the time. o\~

Her breath caught in her pale throat. She was so worried. Dirty, auburn-streaked brown hair rests against the back wall of Fort Junes, on the East Side of Mikage-Cho, in the store, where there were smiles and friends, and people she knows and trusts. People that risked their lives to save others, people that didn't run, people that didn't hide, people that didn't look back and say no, but people that said yes. Yuuka Chiba closes her eyes, hiding in the fear, hair hiding her face, hiding her expressions; hiding the fact she wasn't sure if she belonged.

She wasn't sure if she could go out there, her mask on her face, with that bright, vague smile she always wore. With her emerald eyes sparkling in the light, always cheerful, thoughtful, kind, sharing. Yuuka sighed again, rubbing one just as dirty hand through her hair. She wishes she could get away from her thoughts. Enda- senpai told her to just concentrate and be brave and start thinking. It was so hard though... ever so hard now... who could she trust?

~/o Just once in my life, I think it'd be nice, Just to lose control, just once.o\~
~/o Call my name and save me from the dark! o\~

Time fades into night. Yuuka still lies awake, thoughtful, in her little corner. For once ... for once she'd like to stand up and say what she thought of all of her friends, her enemies, the people she's stepped on, the people she's lied too and ran from to get to the position she is in now. A soft sob escapes her lips, before her hand presses against her mouth. Not here, not now, Chiba. Not in front of Hibiki, and the others.

Standing, she slips out of Fort Junes, body taut in anticipation, Evoker in her grip. Shadows... or some version of Shadows... chase her down. Unicorn winds around her, the magic, her skills, keeping her safe. Sobs escape her. Every time she shoots one down with Unicorns powers, every time she cries out in battle as her staff connects, she cries. She cries, letting out her anger, losing control in the battle, in the battle she hates. Her friends... they need to save her. But will she ever let them find out that they need too?

Pain burns in her hands, in her psyche. Hurt, but successful, she stumbles back into Fort Junes in the morning(?) light, a smile on her face. "I did it!" She announces cheerfully, hiding the pain. "Look, I got some extra supplies to help... and I raided a few rooms and got some books so we can make a little library for relaxation time." She remarks, handing over the supplies to the rest of the group. That done, she stretches, giving them a cheerful smile.

Something nags her, a inner thought in her brain. Your all going to die down here...

Yuuka shakes her head. It'll be alright. It has to be. All it is is a masquerade -all she has to do is keep lying ... to herself, and others...

~/o Watching me, wanting me; I can feel you pull me down o\~
~/o I believe in you; I'll give up everything just to find you o\~

She shakes her head again, another false smile coming on her face. "No, I'm fine, honest!" She says cheerfully, brushing off the concerned requests and thoughts from others. "I promise, okay?" She gives her friends a brighter smile, one that doesn't quite reach her dulled emerald eyes. Another deep sigh. Another day of regret. Another time of running... when will it end? ... for her, Yuuka... or even for her friends?

~/o Sweet raptured light; it ends here tonight o\~

... but does it? Once she slips away again... she cries once again. Again for blue-gray eyes, for light brown hair. For all her friends.

But not for herself.

OOC Note: All italicized/bolded lyrics are from Evanescence songs.

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