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Who: Aigis
IC Date:: November 12th, 2009
RL Date: May 15th, 2010

According to her recently revised Minacalender and the Aristatoclock, Aigis realizes she will have to be very careful, especially when she gets back, to spend her time efficiently. Her two primary directives, to eliminate shadows, protect humans, and to be by Minato's side were recently updated with a new directive, to do the same with Minako. This alerted Aigis to something else, two might sometimes equal three, but it never equaled four. How unusual, she thought, that she had two but four directives. Nothing to worry about, of course, these extra directives were directives she would engage in anyway. They were personal directives as much as they were professional directives.

Minato and Minako. She knew where the latter was staying, and waited until far after midnight to be sure she was asleep. She ran her full sensor suite of scans to ensure she as in deep sleep before getting to work on the door. School locks were far easier than the locks in the SEES dorms. She opened it in record time and slid inside.

Predictably, it was dark, but she was a robot with her senses not limited to that of humans. Almost immediately she saw that there was not one form, but rather two forms inside the room.

She ducked down. One was obviously Minako. The other was Minato.

She smiled. They had chosen to sleep together. She intended to go to Gekkoukan, she knew, perhaps she could arrange for them to be in the same room. It'd make her observation periods significantly easier and she hated the idea of having to split her time between two targets. Friends, of course.

She noticed Minako's covers had slipped. She solved the crisis in 2.3 seconds by pulling them up, slightly. Minato, as usual (he's such a slob) took longer to examine. She even had to adjust his pillow. Neither of them exhibited illness. She would not have to feed them medicine or prepare wet clothes or iced pillows. This was nice.

She could leave immediately, she knew. She was not entirely aware of how Minako slept yet. it could be a little dangerous...

...but if they woke up, she'd just say she thought she saw a demon or something. Another crisis solved. No Yukari-Chan was present to protest.

She sat down. There were several hours before the sun rose.

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