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There are a number of consumer goods in the game, but more have been spawned by players on the MUSH. This page attempts to catalogue specifically the MUSH-specific items, while also providing some references to the ones in the game where applicable.


MUSH-specific Items

Sodas and Drinks

  • Argilla Berry: A strawberry soda! Rumor has it, this soda could cure all that ails you. Of course, it might just poison you instead.
  • Dr. Heat: A cinnamon-flavored soda, by the same company that makes Argilla Berry. It's not very popular...
  • Serph's Up: A very bubbly lemon-lime soda, by the same company that makes Argilla Berry. It's starting to grow in popularity!
  • Mountain Gale: A soda with an astonishingly intense flavor! It's rather difficult to comprehend what exactly it's supposed to taste like.


  • Adventure Boy Gokko: A decades-old, very popular series. Very reminiscent of Dragonball, especially the earlier chapters.
  • Arachno EXTRA: The shounen manga series that has replaced Captain Rebellion in the Shounen Super magazine. Some sort of futuristic Spider-Man ripoff who doesn't even have a giant robot.
  • Fairy Guardian Yuki: A magical girl manga about a girl named Yuki Nakamura, who is taken to the Fairy World to be the Fairy Guardian. Sort of like a mix of Magic Knights Rayearth and Princess Tutu; it has a lot of traditional fairy-tale-like elements. Currently on hiatus due to the creator falling ill.
  • Sailor Gunluna: A magical girl series about a girl named Akane Hoshi, who possesses the power to become Sailor Gunluna, defender of Neo-Earth! Sort of a futuristic Sailor Moon meets Diebuster. It has concluded.
  • Weather Honey 100: A magical girl manga about five heroines: Sirocco Honey, Mistral Honey, Levant Honey, Marin Honey and Rashaba Honey. Granted power by the Four Winds, they defeat evil and protect the world. Has some general similarities with Sailor Moon.
  • Yakuza Pete: A highly violent manga series about yakuza intrigue. Involves a gaijin named Pete who somehow joins the Yakuza and tries to earn respect.

Video Games

  • Rival Blazing Arcana Fighters: A popular arcade fighting game. Currently in its fourth major instalment, although there have been Turbo and SuperVS and Ultra versions of each major numbered game. Continuity is very vague, and game balance changes every new release. Ever since RBAF3, characters from Phoenix Featherman Ranger R have been included as a tie-in.


  • Boogle: It's sort of like Bing, and sort of like Google.

Canon Goods

Sodas and Drinks

  • Dr. Salt: Salty soda. Popular, but an acquired taste.
  • Mad Bull: The most caffeinated drink available.
  • SoBay: Popular tea often auctioned online.
  • Moonkist: Soda whose slogan is "Kist my full moon".
  • Cielo Mist: Beverage imported from Jamaica.
  • Nastea: Tea that tastes great, despite its name.
  • Cylon Tea: Comes in 12 different varieties.
  • 1UP: Soft drink coveted by old-school gamers.
  • Starvicks: Famous coffee, mixed with cough syrup.
  • Aguafeena: Extensively purified tap water.
  • Durian Soda: Soda that simply reeks.
  • Fountain Dew: A disturbingly yellow soft drink.
  • Jumbo Juice: Blended fruit juice. It's huge!
  • V6: Vegetable juice that will rev your engine.
  • Calorie Magic: A delicious diet soda!

Food Items

  • Topsicles: Much like Popsicles, but with a different name. Their mascot, Topsicle Ted, is terrifying. NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE!
  • BauerBar: Keeps you going for 24 hours straight.
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