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"All right, kids! Anyone found outside of their tent will be expelled so fast it'll make your head spin!"

In general on Persona MUSH, players should strive not to be a dick in their interactions with other players and staff.

Things that are generally agreed-upon to be bad behavior include (but are not limited to!):

  • Ignoring the IC/OOC divide
  • Stalking or harrassing other players, guests, or staff
  • Being disrespectful to other players or staff
  • Ignoring consent (see Consent)

Admin are the final judges of what is or isn't proper behavior. Admin will inform you when you are being a dick and give you a chance to adjust your behavior. Similarly, if you are having a problem with another player and talking to them has failed to resolve things, talk to admin. We will investigate and determine a course of resolution.

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