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RP on PersonaMUSH runs on the idea of consent. Consent is effectively your right as a player to not have anything done to your character that you don't want to have done to them -- within reason. For your benefit, we have broken down this concept into a few discrete pieces:

  • In general, before you do something to someone else IC, you should ask. This includes things like 'lifting their character overhead' or 'initiating combat with their character' or anything that the player might not want to have done to them. Basically, if you're not sure whether or not it might be okay, ask first.
  • Consent does not apply for any natural reasonable consequences of actions. IC actions lead to IC consequences, or ICA ICC as the term is typically known. If your character punches someone, they should expect to get punched back, or yelled at, or arrested, or any number of consequences that might follow that action.
  • Death requires special mention, as a followup to the above. Typically, a character cannot be killed unless they agree to be killed, but certain actions -- wandering Tartarus alone, for example -- may set them up to lose this right to evade fatal consequences. Staff will determine any loss of consensual death. In any event, if your character is losing this right, you will be notified and you will be allowed to retract your action if you choose.
  • While consent applies, you should also be mindful of the people you choose to scene with. Some character concepts will readily lead to uncomfortable or disturbing situations in scenes. For example, if you choose to scene with a player who has a character who is a serial killer, you should be OOCly prepared for the possibility that they may try to kill or torture your character.

This has been a very general list. For any specific cases and individuals, please ask staff!

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