Yuriko Yamamoto

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Yuriko Yamamoto
Aliases Yuriko, Yuri
Arcana XIII - Death Reverse
Persona Ker
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Preferred Weapon Knives
Faction NWO
Job Suicide Girl
Origin Persona 1
"You think all of that really matters, don't you?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Some people say your life is over after high school. Yuriko Yamamoto believed it. The end of her teenage years filled her with deep dread for what she saw as a plain and boring future stretching out before her, and it's entirely possible she might have taken matters into her own hands if she hadn't met the Snow Queen first. Despair, she has learned, is something to be embraced. Empowered by the lessons she has learned, she seeks to teach others as she dances to the whims of the New World Order along with her fellow former schoolmates.

Skills: Doesn't Have Chidori's Advantage, Wishes She'd Had Chidori's Advantage, Just Sort Of Drifting Along, Hollow, It's Not The Fall That Kills You But The Sudden Stop At The End Sucks, Nothing Really Scares Her Anymore, Look At Her Wrong And She'll Rip Your Face Off, Good Morning Heather

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