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1. Personal Information:

As in your application, please provide the name you gave there and your email address.

2. Character:

Specify here which character this concerns and their Persona.

3. Type of Change Requested:

Most commonly, these will be: Custom Persona, Change to Antagonist, Change to Support Persona, Shadow Possession and Un-Possession, Ultimate Persona, Persona Reversion, and Arcana Change. Other changes may also require an application at the request of staff. For more on these various changes and what they entail, please see Upgrades.

4. Development and Explanation:

A persona is a manifestation of the persona-user and changes in a persona only occur because of changes in the user. This section will be the largest and most detailed section of the request. In it we ask that the player detail three points that let the applicant explain why he or she believes this change is required or justified. Please note that other requirements may be need to be met; for details please see their individual sections.

  • What changed in the character to trigger the change?
  • Why this change is important to the characters development?
  • How did the change happen?

This section must contain the changes and development required for the change as well the context in which these changes are occurring for the character. This will require a brief history of the background and points relevant to the change along with a somewhat lengthier description of the shift and its nature, along with the justification for said shift. Simply pointing to RP logs is not enough; indeed, RP logs are not actually necessary for the application. Instead, we'll be looking for the keywords of each change type to be covered (see Upgrades).

5. Stats:

Please see Upgrades for the various types of persona changes and the stat adjustments associated with each. In this section, outline what you want to do with those stat changes, if they are applicable. If there are no changes, leave this section blank.

6. Evaluation:

So, that's that. All done? Everything answered? Spellchecked? Then you're good to go. Please send it off to personamushapps@gmail.com, with the heading: Persona Upgrade - (Change Requested) - (Character Name)

We'll respond once we've had time to read over and assess your application, to confer as to its status and render our verdict. Please note that a rejection in this case does /not/ mean your character can never change; simply that we either need more information or feel that your character is not yet ready. Good luck!

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