Tomonari Sandou

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Tomonari Sandou
Tomonari Sandou
Fullname Tomonari Sandou (山同共成, Sandou Tomonari)
Arcana XI - Strength
Nature Persona-user
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 21st 1994
Age 15
Faction SEES
Team Interceptor
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Voice Actor Mitsuki Saiga
Persona Fujiwara no Hidehira
Weapon Naginata
"I do what I can to praise the kami, and in return they give me strength."
Profile And Skills

Tomonari is strong of heart, if not of body, using his beliefs to get him through bad situations, but he doesn't let it dominate his life. He balances his wish to become a Kannishu with his student and social life as best he can. He is rather altruistic and generous, giving help to most that ask for it, regardless of any reward. He can be a bit over-protective of his friends, but is genuinely good-natured. He is about average when it comes to his schooling and doesn't really stand out in the crowd, but he does his best to help out in the class. He strives to protect everyone he cares for, aiming to eliminate the dark Hour with the powers given to him.

Learn Me A Book, Not The Party Healer, Nobody Would Trap Every Door In Their Castle, Following In His Father's Footsteps, Traditionally Modern or Modernly Traditional?, Clingier Than A Clingy Thing That Clings, The Meat Shield


Tomonari was born to Masanobu and Kana Sandou in Chichibu, Saitama on April 21st 1994. As his mother worked full-time in Port Island, Tomonari grew up spending quite a lot of time with his father Masanobu while he maintained Mitsumine Shrine. During this time, Tomonari ended up fostering a respect for the shrines and Shinto religion, eventually announcing at the age of seven that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. Happy by this, Tomonari spent more and more time with Masanobu at the shrine, helping and learning more as he went along. Day after day, Tomonari's respect grew, devoting some of his time to learning more of the traditions that he felt needed to be honored.

During his time at school, Tomonari still continues to help his father whenever he could, in some cases heading to the shrine afterwards or bringing friends with him to show them around. None showed the same enthusiasm that he did, but they would help out for a friend, as they knew Tomonari would do the same for them and never ask for anything in return. As he grew older, Tomonari grew to spend less time at the shrine, but still helped his father when needed. Most of his spare time, however, he spent with his friends, socializing and hanging out either in town or the nearby cities.

But he hadn't lost his fire for becoming a Kannushi. Instead, he had been experiencing the modern world of Japan more. When he was 12, he returned to helping his father full-time, speaking with his father at length on combining the modern with the traditional. Nothing was ever done, but the two bounced ideas off each other while they worked. Tomonari's enthusiasm was picked up on by his father, who spoke with his mother at length regarding sending him to a different school when he hit 15. His mother mentioned the possibility of him studying at Gekkoukan High, in the same city she worked. After discussing it with Tomonari, it was agreed. He would move to Port Island and become a junior at Gekkoukan.

Tomonari moved into the communal dorm early, in order to settle in and familiarize himself with the city before he started school. It was a lot larger than what he was used to in his hometown, almost to the point of being scary to him. His dorm-mates were supportive, however, and they helped him overcome his anxiety of the city, though some of it still remains. He never wanders the city at all, instead heading straight from point A to point B in the shortest (and, of course, safest) route possible. His usual methods of treating people were taken as odd by the city-folk. He was confused by it, as he really didn't know why people gave him strange looks when he spoke to them in the street. He almost believed he had entered a land where the kindness in people didn't exist. He eventually learned that a city wasn't as much of a close-knit community as it was back home, and so altered his perceptions of them. As with his initial anxiety, his friends helped him somewhat overcome it, but occasionally his country-boy habbits will show through.

He quickly became a frequent visitor at the local shrine, donating some Yen every time he visisted and often saying a quick prayer before heading back to his dorm. It was there he gained many new ideas to unify traditional and modern techniques at his father's shrine. Keeping these in his mind, Tomonari continued his studies, but things weren't going to be simple. Recently, Tomonari became aware of the Darh Hour.

During the first few days, he was asleep during it, but once he noticed the Dark Hour with his own eyes, he began to fear for what this world could do to his friends. Unbeknownst to them, he took it upon himself to pray for their safety, often patrolling the building during this time. It wasn't until he was patrolling the exterior that he awakened his Persona, having found himself cornered by a foe that threatened his life. Thinking of his father, Oguchi-no-makami burst forth from Tomonari, driving back the Shadow that threatened him, before disappearing. Learning his lesson, Tomonari remained patrolling the interior of the dorm, only vaguely aware of the power he held within him.


Tomonari can be described as altruistic by some and a bleeding heart by others. If he meets someone in some form of need, he would do his best to help that person with what he has available. Of course, this side of him is a double-edged sword, as a simple sob story can gain the same effect. Of course, this is also due to Tomonari being naive and gulliable, trusting in the kindness in people, even those who don't have any. He is the type to do a favor for someone and ask nothing in return. Tomonari's kind-hearted nature stems from his Shinto beliefs regarding 'purity', seeing kind deeds as making people more 'pure'.

Tomonari also holds a firm respect for tradition and his elders, but also seeks to integrate the old traditions with the modern ways. He can be hard-headed, believing that the Gods protect him and his friends, but is able to realize when it's time to fight and when it's time to flee. Of course, he will try to reason with his foe first, using violence only as a last resort and never striking the first blow. Shadows are an exception, of course, but everyone else is treated the same. He will never seek to kill anyone, regardless of what they've done to him, instead resorting to telling a foe to redeem themselves.

Tomonari is highly protective of his friends, to the point of being a martyr. Should a friend be in a tight spot, he would help them out of it regardless of the effect on himself and ask nothing in return. Rewards or praises given to him are refused, instead replying that seeing his friends happy is reward enough. Even if the friend or ally in question needs only someone to listen to them, he will ensure he is there for them. His kind-hearted nature can be exploited by most people, however, due to his naivity in assuming all people are good.

Tomonari isn't completely serious, however, nor a recluse. He will mingle with his friends often and crack jokes with them like a normal teenager. Those friends he made in Chichibu he keeps in contact with via cellphone and, in some cases, over the internet as well. He enjoys mingling with his friends, but he sticks to his claims of keeping himself clean when it comes to alcohol, etc, resisting the peer pressure outright, despite any jeers and taunts he may get. He doesn't attempt to sway his friends, so long as they show restraint. Those that don't he would attempt to steer back onto a good path.

Tomonari does tend to cling to his friends, however, as he fears that his interest in becoming a Kannushi can drive others from him. As a result, he tends to get anxious and sometimes even paranoid when friends aren't in contact with him for a while. A simple phone call would satiate this drive, but the doubt remains in Tomonari's mind for some time. This is also why he does whatever he can for his friends, as he believes going to such extremes will make them less likely to abandon him. This isn't something he'll admit, of course, but it is at the forefront of his mind.

Tomonari also fears that the traditions he learned would be forgotten entirely, deemed as superstition in the light of the modern world, hence why he tries to integrate the two. He doesn't regret his decision to become a Kannushi, but instead he regrets not trying harder to show his friends the colorful and fascinating world he chose to follow. He does try with his more recent friends, but won't push the issue as much out of fear of pushing them away. However, that won't stop him occasionally bringing it up in a conversation.

Combat Information

Fujiwara no Hidehira (藤原 秀衡) was the third ruler of Northern Fujiwara in Mutsu Province, Japan, the grandson of Fujiwara no Kiyohira. According to legend, he was raised by wolves. During the Genpei War, he controlled his territory independently of the central government; however, he was the official imperial governor for Mutsu Province as of 1181. He offered shelter to the young Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who was escaping Kyoto. For many years, Hidehira was Yoshitsune's benefactor and protector, and it was from Hidehira's territory that Yoshitsune joined his brother at the start of the Genpei War. Later, when Yoshitsune incurred his brother Minamoto no Yoritomo's wrath, he returned to Hiraizumi, and lived undisturbed for a time. Yoshitsune was still Hidehira's guest when the latter died in 1187. Hidehira had his son promise to continue to shelter Yoshitune and his retainer Benkei, but the son gave into Yoritomo and surrounded the castle with his troops, forcing Yoshitsune to commit seppuku (his head would be preserved in sake and given to Yoritomo) and resulting in the famous standing death of Benkei. Yoritomo destroyed the Fujiwara domain and killed Hidehira's son.

As a Persona, Fujiwara no Hidehira appears as a white-furred humanoid with distinctive wolf-like features, clad in samurai armor. The form stands proud with quite a powerful build, towering over people at a height of around eight feet. It always weilds a katana in its right hand with a wakizashi resting on the small of his back, however Tomonari has never seen this blade being drawn at all. Fitting with the Persona's appearance, Fujiwara no Hidehira's main strength is physical power, backed up with a variety of physical attack skills. Furthermore, it has access to Hama and can strike with a blade of shining light, combining the elements into one. Due to this, Fujiwara no Hidehira suffers from a severe deficiency in magical prowess, as well as a severely weakened luck.

Fujiwara no Hidehira
Attack Name SP Cost Effects
Arm Chopper 12 PhysCostUp Damage
Counterstrike Passive Physical Counter
Deathbound 13 Area Physical Damage
Dia 5 Minor Heal
Hama 7 Light-based Damage
Heaven's Blade 13 Light-based Physical Damage
Mighty Swing 9 Physical Damage
Rakukaja 4 Vitality Up
Slash Critical Passive Slash Critical Rate Up
Twin Slash 11 Random Area Physical Damage
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