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Basic Information

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The Spencer & Strassen Company is a large, international conglomerate and one of the most forefront names in the global luxury business. The name itself represents various holdings that specialize in high fashion, hotels, resorts, high-class casinos, entertainment and even rare books and antiquities. S&S was established in Europe around the mid-1800s as a joint venture between Victorian entrepreneurs Carmichael Spencer and Ludwig Strassen, both of whom made their fortunes in speculation. Developments over the later decades have shifted control of the corporate empire to the now-illustrious Spencer family of London, who have become mainstays in the United Kingdom's "new money" aristocracy since the 1920's. Currently, S&S holds dozens of direct and indirect subsidiaries and affiliates all over the world.

Despite constant pressure from his board to do so, the current head of the company, Miles Spencer, has resisted bringing the company public.

The company's global headquarters in London is pictured to the left.


  • Miles Spencer - Chairman of the Board, though these days most of the decisions are being made quietly by his only child and heir, Naomi Suzuno, due to his health and physical incapacitation. Currently resides in Sumaru City, Japan.
  • Conroy Wright - Chief Executive Officer, Board Member. Based in London, United Kingdom.
  • Genoveva Strassen - General Counsel, Board Member. Based in London, United Kingdom.
  • Harvey Greenspan - Chief Investment Officer, Board Member. Based in New York City, New York.
  • Christopher Kent - Primary Outside Counsel, a Corporate Practice Group partner in the prestigious, international law firm Allen & Overy. Based in London, United Kingdom.
  • Akira Tanaka - Secondary Outside Counsel, also a Corporate Practice Group partner in Allen & Overy. Based in Sumaru City, Japan.


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While the company has several locations all over the world, it has three key offices:

  • The Spencer & Strassen Company Global Headquarters - The main office, located in London, United Kingdom.
  • S&S Tokyo - Located in the city's "Sky Tower" building, and functions as the Japanese headquarters of the conglomerate.
  • S&S New York - Located in the Woolworth Building, New York City, New York.

The company's Tokyo headquarters is pictured to the right.

Notable Holdings

  • The Peninsula Sumaru - A world-class hotel in Sumaru City, Japan, which also doubles as the Spencer residence on its highest floors.
  • The Iliad Exploration Company - An indirect affiliate in where Miles Spencer is a major investor through a variety of financial vehicles and holding companies. It specializes in deep-ocean shipwreck exploration and salvage, with ties to a few of the most forefront names in marine archaeology. Some of its finds make their way to the global antiquities market, though most of it goes to various museums and research institutions. It was recently credited for finding the legendary Argo, currently being exhibited in Sumaru City's Sky Museum.
  • Elysium - A luxury hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and a recipient of the Forbes Five Star award multiple times. It is said to be a favorite among jetsetting elite.

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