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In And Around Port Island

Gekkoukan High School

A very new school constructed roughly ten years ago, Gekkoukan's construction was funded by the Kirijo Group. Furnished with many of the modern conveniences newer buildings enjoy, it has an academic reputation to match via the school's motto: "Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection." The main building consists of three floors. One's homeroom is determined by their grade. The higher the year, the higher the floor one's homeroom is located. Light grays and blues are the predominant colors of the hallways with some brown for contrast, making the campus appear bright and clean even on the dimmest of days... if sometimes coming off as cold and uninviting. Most classrooms have a blackboard on either end of the wall perpendicular to the doors, and two monitors up towards the front. A vendor in the main lobby sells snacks and school supplies through most of the day, if the need arises.

As a curious note, sick students generally prefer to go to the restroom instead of properly seeing the school nurse, whether they are fatigued or even ill. Odd as it may sound, this usually does the trick for all but the worst cases, seeing them back in class with renewed vigor before long.

Notable Locations

  • Athletic Department - Meeting place for most of Gekkoukan's Clubs.
  • Rooftop - Good place for socializing with relative privacy.

Paulownia Mall

Just beyond the bridge connecting the mainland to the artificial island this part of town is named for, Paulownia Mall is a small but happening place at nearly all times of the day. It is renowned for its convenience in stark contrast to how small the mall is, and is a popular hangout spot for just about everyone.

Notable Locations

  • Game Panic: The game arcade in Paulownia Mall, featuring a variety of games including a crane game which costs 200 YEN.
  • Power Records: A music store.
  • Aohige Pharmacy: Small pharmacy in the mall which sells medicine and a variety of other everyday items.
  • Shinshoudo Antiques: An antique shop.
  • Mandragora: A karaoke bar and popular night spot.
  • Police Station: The city's main police station.
  • Be Blue V: A jewelry store.
  • Chagall Cafe: A small coffee shop which specializes in 'Pheromone Coffee' for 500 YEN.
  • Club Escapade: A popular attraction in the evenings, it is a small club which features various bands.

Port Island Station

The monorail station situated on the man-made island proper, this area sees a lot of traffic from students going to and from Gekkoukan High as a stop for the "Anehazuru" line that runs between the mainland and Port Island.

Notable Locations

  • Screen Shot: A movie theater showing the latest movies.
  • Rafflesia: A florist shop.

Iwatodai Strip Mall

Iwatodai Station is one of the busiest monorail stations in the entire prefecture. Taxi services are plentiful, and many people park their bikes off the main path. But the main draw is the nearby strip mall, just a crosswalk away. The number of bicycles parked on the sidewalk is a testament to how big a draw it is for such a small place.

Notable Locations

  • Octopia: A small stand which specializes in Takoyaki.
  • Wild-Duck Burger: It is a fast-food restaurant.
  • Bookworms: A used bookstore.
  • Sweet Shop: This store sells a variety of candy and snacks.
  • Hagakure: A restaurant specializing in ramen.
  • Wakatsu Restaurant: A small sushi restaurant.
  • Beef Bowl Shop: Sells beef bowls which are very popular.
  • Book On: A book store that specializes in manga.
  • The Lucky 7: A popular convenience store located just off the strip.

Naganaki Shrine

A small shrine on the mainland where some people come to pray. It's become popular with students seeking academic success who oftentimes leave offerings in a small box hoping for better grades. It also features a small playground, and serves as an after-school hangout for younger children. During holidays, the shrine serves as a festival ground for traditional holidays such as Tanabata.

SEES Co-Ed Dorm

Dormitory for Gekkoukan Students and also serves as headquarters for SEES.

Notable Locations

  • Ground Floor - Where the lobby, lounge, kitchen and dining areas are located.
  • Living Quarters - Floors two and three are the dorm rooms with separate floors for men and women.
  • Meeting Room - Housed on the fourth floor of the dorms and the place where most official SEES business happens.
  • Rooftop - Generally off-limits but sometimes students venture out there.

Tatsumi Memorial Hospital

The Tatsumi Memorial Hospital is a state-of-the-art general medical facility subsidized heavily by the Kirijo Group. It boasts the latest in medical technology, highly-trained and superbly professional staff, quality in-patient and out-patient care, and a dizzying list of specialties and specialized services.

Fra Mauro University

Fra Mauro is one of the most highly rated schools in Japan and a example of the sort of college every parent wants their student to be able to attend. Of course, it also has one of the more difficult entrance exams and is quite expensive. It is renowned for its programs in the sciences, ranging from the natural sciences to political sciences. It's sports programs are modelled after English universities: boxing, rowing, rugby, and the school's strength, fencing.

Shirakawa Boulevard

Situated in what would be considered the shadier part of Port Island, Shirakawa is known for being rather seedy due to the criminal activity that takes place there. It is also the known location of some of the cheaper hotels in Port Island.


During the Dark Hour that occurs every night at midnight, Gekkoukan High transforms into this monstrous structure. An unthinkably tall tower that seems to stretch all the way into the stars above, formed of misshapen and twisted structures that make it look more like a tall junk heap rather than any sort of building one would step into. It is also the home of the Abyss.


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