Tatako Kinoshita

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Tatako Kinoshita
Tatako New.jpg
Full Name Tatako Kinoshita
Aliases Tatako, Tako,
Arcana The Lovers
Nature Civilian
Gender Female
Age 16
Birth Date March 4th, 1995
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Umbrella
Job High School Student
Voice Actor Janet Varney
"Have any of you seen my backpack? Oh.. it's right here. Good. It's full of useful books and.. nothing else."
Profile and Skills
A loud and assertive youth with a reputation for both diligence and irritability, Tatako has little patience but a friendly enough disposition if approached politely. She lived in Osaka for the majority of her life,moving to Port Island to live with her grandparents and attend high school at Gekkoukan. She cuts a scrappy and tomboyish figure, seeming to be paradoxically focused and aimless at the same time, intensely driven towards a cliff she is oblivious to. She tends more likely than not to bite off more than she can chew, a quixotic figure with headphones.
Social Links
Smile. Take a breath. Go on.
Roleplay Logs and Journal
This is a link to my old journal and log repository. [1]

This is a link to my new journal and repository. [2]

LXD: Season three 'Rise of the Drifts' song


Air Gears Opening Theme [4]

The World Calling The Wind by There For Tomorrow [5]

Halycon On and On-- Hackers Soundtrack [6]

The Faster the Treadmill-- by I Fight Dragons! [7]

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