Takeharu Kirijo

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Takeharu Kirijo
Full Name 桐条武治 (きりじょたけはる)
Arcana XX - Judgment
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Firearms
Faction SEES
Job CEO of the Kirijo Group
Origin Persona 3
Voice Actor Japanese: Kōji Totani
English: Derek Stephen Prince
Player NPC
"There are things in this world that cannot be accomplished alone, no matter how many sacrifices you make."
Profile And Skills

Profile: The CEO of the Kirijo Group and father of Mitsuru Kirijo, Takeharu Kirijo is an enigmatic, one-eyed man only ever encountered by most in his positions either as 'head of a powerful corporation,' or as the 'funder and patron of SEES.' His intimidating demeanor disguises a personality built upon principles of steel, and his nature revolves around one ironclad realization: he allowed the commission of a heinous mistake, the weight of which must now be borne by his children, and he would gladly do anything-- even die-- to fully atone for the errors of his generation and his father's generation.

Skills: Only Good Dad in Persona 3, Alcohol Tolerance: Yes, Gave Mitsuru Her Guilting Genes, I Have a Particular Set of Skills, Scaring the Hell Out of People, U_e

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