Shuji Ikutsuki

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Shuji Ikutsuki
Full Name 幾月修司 (いくつきしゅうじ)
Aliases Ikutsuki, Shuji, Weasel
Arcana XIII - Death
Nature Civilian
Gender Male
Preferred Weapon Bare Hands
Faction SEES
Teams Warning And Control
Job Gary Callahan
Origin Persona 3
"Hahaha, I'll have to remember that one!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Shuji Ikutsuki is the head of SEES, taking care of relations with schools and businesses and managing the day-to-day activities that are needed to keep the group going. Despite the fact that he is aware of what's going on around him, Ikutsuki has no Persona and exhibits no special powers whatsoever. He is a cheerful, friendly man who does all he can to support the students under him, although he has a sad tendency to make horrible jokes and puns.

Skills: And If You Believe That, Smiles A Lot, Nice Hair, Nice Suit, Bad Puns, Pretty Nice Guy, Really, Knowledge: Persona, Knowledge: The Plot, Knowledge: Computers, Knowledge: Robots, Gullible Is Written On The Ceiling

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