Shiori Miyashiro

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Full Name 宮代詩織 (みやしろ しおり)
Aliases Shiori
Arcana XX - Judgement
Nature Civilian
Gender Female
Preferred Weapon Firearms
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Juvenile Division Detective
Origin Persona 2
"Sorry, but adults are all right with telling lies."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Shiori Miyashiro is a young detective serving within Juvenile Division of the Konan Department of Sumaru City, and is known to be quite a forceful and quick-witted person. Born and raised in Sumaru, her life was marked by tragedy in late August of 1999 when her younger brother was brutally murdered. Though she witnessed it, the culprit was never found. This event drove her to become a police officer herself. Perhaps doing so is the only way she can set to rest at last her own personal demons...

Skills: /I/ Ask The Questions Around Here, Stalked By Butterflies, Woman On A Mission, O Brother Where Art Thou, We're Gonna Need A Bigger Gun

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