Ryou Kanzato

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Ryou Kanzato
Full Name 神里諒 (かんざとりょう)
Aliases Ryou
Arcana VIII - Justice
Nature Civilian (?)
Gender Male
Age 28
Birth Date December 18th, 1982
Preferred Weapon Handguns
Faction D4
Teams Undercover
Job Ace Detective
Origin Trinity Soul
"This is a job for a professional. You kids should go straight home."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Stoic and collected, Ryou Kanzato is known as one of Lunarvale's finest detectives. He has a piercing, logical mind that allows him to quickly pick up on events around him with almost... supernatural ease, and he uses this to help him in his cases. He holds himself aloof and professional in all of his dealings with others, though he shows sometimes that he does understand how others feel even if he is being harsh. He seeks to protect others from the dangers they face... Even if they don't even realize it.

Skills: Katsuya Syndrome, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Dad-Brother, Superbear: Friend To All Children, Piercing Eyes, The Choices We Make, Inquisitor

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