Rin Hayashi

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Rin Hayashi
Personal Information
Real Name 林凛
Aliases Rin
Arcana XIX Reverse - The Sun Reversed
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 14
Birth Date November 17 1995 (Scorpio)
Preferred Weapon Knives
Organization Information
Faction Strega
Job Rebellious Runaway
Assignment None
Persona - Nergal
OOC Information
Origin Original Character
Voice Actor Undecided

"Why should I listen? What did you ever do for me?"



Rin is one of the unfortunate teenagers who has fallen through the cracks of Japanese society. Orphaned by the loss of her parents in a sensational case two years ago, Rin ran away rather than be sent to relatives or a foster home, living on the streets of Lunarvale instead. Now Strega is the closest thing she has to a family, having fallen in with them after her power awoke. Made bitter and mature beyond her relatively young years by her time on the streets, Rin despises the society that failed her and her mother and refuses to be a part of it, remaining fiercely independent and alone rather than being taken care of. She is a loyal devotee of Strega's bloody goal, with very little of the young girl she used to be having survived this long.


Angry Teenager, Independent Rebel, Burn It All Down, Missing Child, Short Temper, Scrounging, Thievery, Eating Things Out Of The Trash, Shanking, Occasionally Self-Destructive, Kind Of A Masochist, Not Going To School, Owning A Thrown-Out School Uniform Anyway So She Can Steal From The Cafeteria


Born the only child of a relatively poor Sumaru family, Rin Hayashi never had a very good life. Her father Isao, custodial staff (when he could get the job), was the only source in income for her family; her mother, Etsuko, had never worked as long as Rin could remember. As time progressed, her father became shorter-tempered and more inclined to drink and yell at her and her mother, and she spent more and more time away from home.

It culminated in 2008 when Isao, in a drunken rage, beat Etsuko to death and then killed himself; Rin was not home at the time. Rin was uncommunicative and unhelpful to police after being brought in after her parents were found dead, but she was not at home at the time and was unlikely to have been involved. When state custody talked about sending her to a relative or an orphanage, Rin vanished, fleeing to a different city on her own.

Rin has spent about sixteen months on her own and is, if not thriving, at least alive. She fell in with Strega somewhere along the line after her Potential woke in her. The police have lost track of her entirely; she is officially just one of the few missing people in Japan, but is considered likely to be dead.

Notable Social Links

None yet.


"I am thou... thou are I. I am Nergal, the Raging King, the One Who Burns. Through all your struggles I shall help you resist and stand alone, for you and I are one."

Portrayed in hymns and myths as a god of war and pestilence, Nergal represents the sun of noontime and of the summer solstice that brings destruction, high summer being the dead season in the Mesopotamian annual cycle. He is further associated with death and the netherworld, perhaps due to his earlier association with the killing attributes of the sun, war, and pestilence.

Because he was a god of fire and the negative aspects of the sun, and because of his connections to the underworld, death, and pestilence, and finally because he was a god of one of the religions which rivalled Christianity and Judaism, Nergal was sometimes called a demon and even has been identified with Satan - though most demonology only refers to him as a major demon or a cult figure.

Nergal holds a host of titles, including the Raging King, the One Who Burns, and the Lord of Rebellion. One of his titles, Ni-Marad, and a brother god he was later conflated with, Ninurta, may have been the origin of some of the stories of Nimrod not found in the Bible, including his rebellion against God and his order to build the Tower of Babel.


Rin's Resonance is unpleasant to encounter for long. It evokes heat - not the comfortable heat of a fire or a pleasant day, but the unceasing waves of heat beating down eternally on a desolate wasteland. There is a feeling of constant strife, an endless struggle to stand alone against everything that comes at her.

To those more sensory-oriented, Rin's Resonance smells of a desert - stark and desolate - with an undercurrent of something sickly sweet and rotting. The sound is silence, punctuated only occasionally with a distant yell or the clash of arms.


Random crap /because I could/.


  • Weapon: Thug's Switchblade - Actually a gravity knife. Surprisingly long.
  • Body: Worn Outfit - A worn patchwork outfit in need of cleaning.
  • Feet: Black Sneakers - One size too big, held on with two pairs of socks.
  • Accessory: Backpack - Contains all Rin's worldly possessions.

Social Stats

  • Courage: 4 - Brave to near foolhardiness
    • Physical Pain: 5 - No longer cares about pain
  • Diligence: 3 - Stubborn
  • Expression: 1 - Crude and uncultured
  • Understanding: 2 - Sympathetic to the right people, prickly to the rest
  • Knowledge: 1 - Dropout


(coming soon)


  • Rin has no relation to any other Hayashi.
  • Hayashi 林 can be read Lin in Chinese. Please do not call her Rin Lin. She will be very confused.
  • Rin is an accomplished trash diver and knows where to find things like clothes and occasionally (semi)-edible food for free.
  • Despite not going to St. Hermelin, Rin has recovered most of a Hermelin uniform and can be found there sometimes during school hours, though she never seems to show up in any classes.


None. Yet.

Player Information

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