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Play spaces on Persona MUSH are rated M for Mature, like both of the most recent Persona games.

  • Blood and Guts: This is probably the area on which Persona is, generally, the lightest. Fights very rarely result in spilling organs or gallons of blood, and when they do, it is rarely focused on. Exercise discretion, and remember that grievous bodily harm is most dramatic if used sparingly for effect.
  • Sexual themes: Persona deals with issues like homosexuality, "compensated dating," giant chariots mounted by genitals, and depictions of Satan with six exposed breasts. However, explicit sexual content is 'faded-to-black.'
  • Drug/alcohol use: Drug use figures somewhat prominently into the background of at least one major character, and is not taboo as a character hook; however, we would ask that you not lovingly detail veins and needles in play.

This is an online game with other players, so while the staff tries its best to keep things within these bounds, players may occasionally exceed it!

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