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This is the place for useful links in researching for a possible persona, shadow, or whatnot, as well as information on Japanese life, cuisine, or anything else of note. Feel free to add your own links!
Warning, some of these links may Not Be Safe For Work, so tread with care.

Folklore, Fairy Tale, Mythology, and Urban Legend Research

  • Buddhist & Shinto Deities in Japan - While this focuses more on artwork depicting various deities, it's an excellent source for Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism, and the various ways deities are depicted.
  • Encyclopedia Mythica - A site devoted to all sorts of myths and folklore from around the world. Some of the more obscure figures are little more than blurbs, but it's a good place to check.
  • Folktexts - A treasure trove of folklore, mythology, and fairy tales, categorized by similarity.
  • - An irreverent take on mythology. Some entries are short, and the site has a tendency of getting overworked, but it's a fun place to look.
  • Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai - A blog updated with translated Japanese ghost stories and tales of the strange, as well as cultural notes.
  • Monstropedia - An encyclopedia devoted to monsters in mythology, folklore, urban legend, and popular fiction.
  • The Obakemono Project - A stylish site dedicated to supernatural creatures in Japanese mythology and folklore.
  • - Another neat site devoted to Japanese monsters, ghosts, and demons.
  • Wikipedia: List of legendary creatures by type - A sorted list of all sorts of legendary creatures.

Japan Research


Jungian Psychology, Joseph Campbell, and other scholars

  • Aarne–Thompson Classification System - A system used to categorize folklore and fairy tales by their archtype. The actual list is far more descriptive and helpful, but the wikipedia article does help some.
  • A Glossary of Jungian Terminology - Ever wondered about what some of the Jungian terminology flung around in the games means?
  • An Introduction to Jung's Shadow - Like it says, an introduction to the Shadow as Jung uses it. Useful for thinking about your character's Shadow, among other things.
  • CG Jung Page - More Jungian psychology than you can shake a stick at.
  • Monomyth - Another theory that relates to the Persona series.
  • The Hero's Journey - An overview of the book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces", by Joseph Campbell, a scholar who studied the comparative mythology. This book has gone on to inspire creators such as George Lucas, and often builds on top of Jung's theories, but in a more narrative way.

Tarot and Jungian Psychology Resources

  • - A good overview of the tarot and their symbolism. Also includes symbolism for reversed cards.
  • Persona 1 (PSP) Character Analysis - Useful not only for the character analysis of the Persona 1 cast, but *especially* for the run-down of each Tarot card.
  • The Fool's Journey - Another good overview of the tarot. This link's specifically to the Fool's Journey and the Major Arcana, but the site also has information on the Minor Arcana.

On-Game Tarot Readers

Folks that can do (or help interpret) tarot readings on our lovely game. Please add yourself if you like!

On-Game Astrology Resources

Players that can answer questions related to Western astrology, which is relevant to the Tarot and to at least one entry in the Persona series. Includes plotting out characters' birthdates (and relevant signs), working up horoscopes, explaining influences, and giving ~romantic advice~. They may even be able to answer real-life questions too! Please add yourself if you like!

Shin Megami Tensei Resources

  • Baroco - This French website has a lot of rare items, including a full gallery of mostly all the personae from Persona 1 and Persona 3. It also has an adorable Jack Frost that can sit on your desktop, though it gets confused with Vista. T-T
  • Megami Tensei Wiki - All the information you could want on the games and characters. It also includes a host of demons, Personas and other things suitable for adoption on the MUSH.
  • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Personas A listing of many of the possible personas from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Some links don't work, but it's still very comprehensive.
  • Popanime Megaten Wiki - The other notable SMT wiki out there.
  • The Heretic Mansion - A browsable list of all the demons from Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne. Since the latter Persona games use many of the same models, it's very useful.

Let's Play Persona! .... And various other takes on the games


A listing of artists who have done commissions for players; as a note, they may or may not be available at a given time. When in doubt, ask the artist!


  • Anime Character Creator - This is a great source for character profile pictures.
  • Color Scheme Designer 3 - Useful upon this very wiki.
  • Magic Words - Special formatting commands used by wiki-code, including things like suppressing (or forcing) the table of contents, variables for templates, and similar stuff.
  • McGenio's Persona Eyes Generator - An awesome generator that allows you to make your own P3/4 spiltscreen eyes! It's being improved on all the time, so check back often!
  • Moon Phases - Dates for full moons. If you've played Persona 3, you know exactly why this is useful.
  • MUSH Clients - A huge list of clients to connect to PersonaMUSH (or others) with on this very wiki!
  • Seventh Sanctum - Lots and lots of generators for almost anything. Need a random manga title? It's covered. Need a random description for an NPC? They've got that, too.
  • Time Zone Converter - Great for scheduling across timezones!
  • WolframAlpha - You can feed this thing any date, or logical phrase, and it will look up information including moon phase and similar things (good for checking ages, just tell it to find the difference in time between one date and another). Try it out and play with it!
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