Naeka Asahara

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Naeka Asahara
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Personal Information
Aliases "Asahara-senpai~"
Arcana The High Priestess
Nature Persona-User
Gender Female
Age 16
Birth Date December 20th
Preferred Weapon Twin Daggers
Organization Information
Faction SEES
Job Student
Divisions Interceptor
Assignment Gekkoukan High, Second Year
Persona - Aliquipiso
OOC Information
Origin Original Character

"It's not that I don't have anything to say, I just don't know what exactly I want to say yet, if I want to say it at all."



Naeka Asahara takes her studies seriously. Her grades are always above average, and she often aces tests. A second year student at Gekkoukan High School, she is often found sitting alone, deep in thought, perhaps even daydreaming or more likely, it seems, brooding. Some take her antisocial and studious behavior as her being some sort of elitist, although that is not quite the case. Calm and calculating, she rarely rushes into any decision. It is very rare to see her act differently than her normal distant attitude, but it does happen in some cases. Rumours may state that Naeka does have regular appointments with a therapist.


A gentle topping of dark blue hair rests on the head of this teenage girl. It goes down to her shoulder at the very back, but is cut to not go down as far on her sides and especially not at her front, so as to not be in the way of her eyes. She obviously takes very good care of her hair, as it usually is never in any actual state of neglect or disrepair. Her eyes, as they were, are colored a deep violet. There is something sullen about those eyes of hers, as if she was always tired, even when that obviously isn't the case.

She takes good care of herself and her own body, and it shows. She's fit, relatively nimble and perhaps a little smaller than someone her age should be.

During her free time, she is usually seen wearing an olive green hooded shirt, unzipped, that has a black t-shirt underneath it. For her legs, she wears a pair of comfortable looking, black to dark grey cargo pants, that are a little slimmed down on things like pockets. She also typically wears comfortable and practical boots, but it's not uncommon for those boots to also be at least somewhat stylish.


Thinks Too Much, Girl Of Few Words, Depressed Person With Knives Oh No, Just A Little Bit Crazy

Persona - Aliquipiso

Naeka's Persona, Aliquipiso, hails from the legends of a specific Native American tribe, called the Oneida. It takes the form of a young Native American woman, clothed in the gear of her tribe, but also shrouded partially in mist. It has flowing hair colored a stark raven and her eyes are the same demonic yellow that most Personae seem to posses. In battle, it uses either a spear or a bow and arrow, depending on the situation.

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