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This is a VERY simple mock-up of a page for an NPC entry. It contains a list at the top for at-a-glance information about the NPC, a section for a more detailed fleshing-out of the NPC, and then a section for an activity log, to track what an NPC has been involved in. It can get more complicated, with templates and whatnot, but would probably require new templates...and this way, it's probably most user-friendly.


  • NPC Owner: BLAH
  • NPC Faction: BLAH
  • NPC Type: (Mundane/Supernatural)

NPC Information

This table will be filled out with a lengthier description than the short one used in the NPC List. It may change with time, as the NPC is used, but people should probably let the 'owner' of the NPC update this section, and stay on top of maintaining it.

NPC Activity
  • 2-16-2013: This is where a log of the NPC's most notable appearances and activity should go. -Jukebox
  • 2-16-2013: (RL) Dates should make up the beginning of each bullet-point, followed by a quick summary of what the NPC was used for, or a link to a log if available, and the name of the person making the entry. -Jukebox
  • 2-16-2013: In some cases, people may not wish the NPC's activities to be public knowledge, in which case the owner of the NPC should probably figure out how to handle keeping track of it, but all public NPCs getting used should be noted by somebody, just to avoid complications and contradictions. -Jukebox
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