Mitsuo Kubo

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Mitsuo Kubo
Full Name 久保美津夫 (くぼみつお)
Aliases Mitsuo
Arcana IX - The Hermit Reverse
Gender Male
Faction Unaffiliated
Job Suspect Number One
Origin Persona 4
Voice Actor English: Kyle Herbert
"I did it! I killed them! AHAHAHAHAHA!"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Mitsuo Kubo desperately wants attention. He is not entirely sane, seeing the world as a game in which he is the main character - and when others do not recognize his status, he gets very angry. It is Mitsuo's belief that others must acknowledge his supremacy of place, and it drives him to do ever more insane things - ranging from insults to murder. Mitsuo is terrified of the idea that he is worthless, and so he seeks to prove his worth to himself at every oppurtunity.

Skills: Whodunnit? Idunnit!, Totally Guilty, Just Ask Him, Fetus Inside A Giant Sprite, Wait, What?, Kind Of Crazy, Just A Bit, Not Entirely Clear On Which Side Is The Shadow

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