Michiko Matsudaira

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Michiko Matsudaira
Aliases Michiko
Arcana VIII - Justice Reverse
Persona Oizys
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Preferred Weapon Whips
Faction NWO
Job Call Her Queen
Origin Persona 1
"Everybody has something they don't like inside. All you have to do is cut it out and throw it away."
Profile And Skills

Profile: Some people are born cruel. Michiko Matsudaira is one of those people driven by a need to 'correct' what they see as sins in others--and the more painful the punishment, the better. Meeting the Snow Queen only made those drives stronger. Perhaps the entity saw something of a kindred spirit in Michiko. Now, accompanying her fellows who have also been 'blessed' by the Snow Queen's touch, she has been drawn into the New World Order, and tasked to rid as many people of their sins as she can.

Skills: Knows What You Worry About When You Lay Awake At Night, So What's Your Secret Pain?, High Octane Nightmare Fuel, Has A Professional Interest In Chains, Subscription: Better Homes And Dungeons, Favored Terrain: The Hell Of Upside-Down Sinners, Don't Worry You'll Feel Better In The Morning, Good Morning Heather

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