Masayoshi Kawata

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Masayoshi Kawata
Full Name 正義河田
Aliases Masayoshi;MK
Arcana The Tower
Persona Makatiel
Nature Persona-User
Gender Male
Age 22
Birth Date September 23, 1989
Blood Type O
Preferred Weapon Bare Hands
Faction NWO
Job Operations Manager
Assignment Falling Blossom, Inc.
Origin OC
  • participated in Ecomarathon Inba 2011.
  • was an English tutor for four years.
  • only eats fruit, vegetables and meat.
  • has no next of kin.
  • has blue eyes- suggesting a gaikokujin ancestor.
  • is a very skilled chess player.
  • always wears black clothing.
"I'm afraid I'm too busy to join you tonight. I have much to do. So much... work."
Masayoshi Kawata is, at a glance, an upstanding citizen. A business alumnus of Keio University, he is a mid-level corporate executive despite his youth, but still manages to find time for philanthropic pursuits. These consist of running for charities, helping at homeless shelters and, occasionally, youth mentoring. It is rumored that his father squandered the great fortune the Kawata family made in international trade a century ago, and that Masayoshi lives in squalor because of it. The fine suits that he is usually seen in suggest this is little more than unfounded gossip, however.

Makatiel. Plague of God. One of the seven Angels of Punishment. After proving himself as one of the Archangel Michael's greatest soldiers during the War of Heaven, he thought himself above being a simple implement of revenge. In his pride, Makatiel presumed to pass judgment on some of God's creations; spreading contagion among them without the order of Heaven. His plagues killed countless denizens of Earth in order to renew the world and bring it closer to God. In spite of an increase in worship among the humans, Makatiel was punished in return for this heresy. God sentenced the angel to an eternity encompassed within dark robes. None would ever see the glory of the punishing angel again, and he would nevermore be graced with the very light he cherished.

The Truth
You can't HANDLE the truth! (more coming soon)
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