Kumi Hirose

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Kumi Hirose
Aliases Kumi
Arcana XII - The Hanged Man Reverse
Persona Oneiroi
Nature Shadow-Possessed
Gender Female
Preferred Weapon Claws
Faction NWO
Job Sandman
Origin Persona 1
"Haven't you ever wanted something so bad that it haunts your dreams at night?"
Profile And Skills

Profile: Once, Kumi Hirose was a girl who wanted more than anything else to be accepted by her peers. She joined the drama club, but soon found herself faced with a terrible choice: she could either put in the work necessary to be the star the club needed, or she could instead apply herself to her studies like her father desired. Choosing either would result in disappointing the other, and she couldn't do both. Then she met the Snow Queen. Kumi understood at last how cruel the world was to her, and received exactly the power she needed to avenge her suffering. Now she, along with her fellow wayward young ladies, has been taken in by the New World Order, which is keen to use her powers to meet their goals.

Skills: Putting Up Cute Curtains In The Boiler Room, Beyond The Doors Of Sleep, Gates Of Horn And Ivory, Night Owl, Screech Owl, Pray You Don't Live On Elm Street, Doesn't Wear Black And Red Striped Shirts, But She Just Might Have A Fedora, Good Morning Heather

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